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What If…? Episode 6: All Easter Eggs You Missed

Marvel has recently released the 6th episode of the “What If…?” series. Similar to the previous ones, What If…? episode 6 rewrites another chapter of superhero history. Last week, Thanos presented a mighty threat at the end of the Zombie Thriller. It will focus on more familiar territory this time around, with Iron Man and Erik Killmonger. In addition, this episode focuses on how the MCU may have changed if Tony Stark and Erik Killmonger met in Afghanistan. So here are All Easter Eggs You Missed from What If Episode 6.

Warning: Article contains spoilers for What If…? Episode 6.

1. The episode starts with the scenes from Iron Man(2008) movie.

What If Episode 6

Soldiers taking pictures, making gang signs, and the attack are the same as in the original movie. However, there are some changes, such as some dialogues are cut off.

2. Kill Monger saves Tony Stark, but what is he doing in Afghanistan?

What If…? episode 6

Erik Killmonger is a Navy Seal posted nearby Afghanistan. What If…? continues the story of Erik with the reference from Black Panther, which describes that he was a Navy Seal before.

3. Like the previous ones, this episode also shows the animated version of the previous realities.

This episode’s animated version highlights the first Iron Man suit Tony makes and his ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame.

4. Thankfully, Killmonger fixes the Obadiah issue within a few minutes into the story

As Erik has already discovered that Stane was responsible for the Afghanistan attack, he exposed him to full attention in the media. As a result, Stane is never able to become Iron Monger.

5. Within the files, you can see the Ten Rings logo.

What If...? Episode 6

Since Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings, it has taken on a deeper meaning.

6. Using his boxing career as a reminder, Happy Hogan punches Stane.

What If...? Episode 6

It’s a nod to Happy’s professional boxing career before joining the MCU, which appears in the comic books.

7. Tony Stark predicts his death again.

In What If…? Stark compares himself and Killmonger to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, once again predicting his demise.

8. The animated Rhodey makes his debut. This is Don Cheadle’s version of the character.

What If...? Every MCU Easter Egg In Episode 6 | Screen Rant

Although Cheadle played Rhody in Iron Man 2, episode 6 showed what Marvel fans would never have expected.

9. The Ford Flathead Roadster that Tony Stark loves to play with also appears.

Tony and Killmonger can see the Hotrod tucked into the very back of a sports car lineup upon entering Stark’s workshop.

10. As Killmonger picks up the prototype, he identifies it as “repulsor tech.”

A portable firearm was the primary reason Stark came to Afghanistan. But, first and foremost, Stark went to Afghanistan because of Jericho.

11. Dum-E steals the repulsor gun from the hands of Kill Monger.

Dum-E gun was made by Tony Stark when he was a youngster. It has a cameo in the 6th episode.

12. A ring is formed from the melted down vibranium seen around Killmonger’s neck.

Killmonger‘s father, N’Jobu, wore this Wakandan royal ring. So for years after N’Jobu’s death in Wakanda, Erik wore the ring as a pendant.

13. Tony Stark mentions Captain America’s shield.

Did Iron Man's father build Captain America's shield? - Quora

When Tony says that the last vibranium metal was used in World War II, he is indeed talking about Cap’s Shield.

14. Killmonger uses a weapon he calls the sonic taser to kill his cousin.

In Iron Man, Obadiah Stane tortured Tony Stark with the same gun. However, Killmonger’s version is significantly more lethal.

15. Tony Stark dies again in this episode.

What If...? Episode 6 Review: Why Tony Stark's death can't be reversed (FINALLY REVEALED) ~ Tellmedoyouread - Entertainment Pop Culture Breaking News

“What If…?” has killed Tony Stark via poison, the zombie virus, and now a vibranium spear. It seems like the writers are having a competition to see who could give Iron Man the most inventive death scene. But this thing is undoubtedly making Iron Man fans upset.

16. The former Black Panther dresses in a white ceremonial outfit.

This outfit was similar to the one T’Challa wore in Black Panther when he visited the ancestral plane.

So these were the Easter eggs you may have Missed from What If Episode 6.

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Written by FandomWire Staff