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“What if I Really Was as Confident as Tony Stark”: Robert Downey Jr. Reveals the Secrets Behind Him Getting the Iron Man Role After a Nerve Wrecking Screen Test

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Radio shows have become really interesting these days and one can see many famous celebrities being a part of them. In one such interview by BBC Radio 1, Robert Downey Jr. was invited for some light talk.

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

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The whole concept of this particular radio show was pretty amusing and revolved around kids asking their favorite Avenger some questions. The radio show gained huge popularity, thanks to the smart questions asked by the kids, combined with the Iron Man star’s quirky personality.

The Amusing Question Asked

A very smart yet funny question asked by a 10-year-old boy named Luca gave us a peep into the secret of Downey getting the role of Iron Man right after a nerve-racking screen test.

Luca in his question asked whether or not the Marvel superhero used to pretend like iron man and fly around his house. The question was so innocent yet funny, it left Robert Downey Jr raising his brows as well.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr.

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The Secret of Robert Downey Jr. Getting the Role

To the question asked by Luca, the Dr. Dolittle star mentioned that at the time of the screen test for his very famous character, Iron Man, he was given three scenes. What is more interesting, is the fact that two of the given three scenes were actually in the Avengers movie.

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The Sherlock Holmes actor further told how he used to run these scenes on a loop and stand in front of his mirror, thinking what if he was as confident as the character, Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr. simply pretended that he had already got the role, and manifested for the same.

Iron Man
Iron Man

The answer left the host laughing as well, commenting on how Downey abusively manifested to get the part of Tony Stark. At the end of the interview, the host added a small anecdote from his childhood days, where he himself used to pretend to run a radio show while all his friends were busy playing outside.

The question ended with our very favorite Tony Stark saying how we all somehow keep on creating our own reality daily without realizing it. Not only Downey, but the host too was so humorous in his approach that he jokingly added that although he is running a successful radio show today, he still doesn’t have any friends.

The whole interview was fun in itself and gave the viewers a good look at the life of Robert Downey Jr. and helped them know the fun side of the most sought-after superhero.

Source: Youtube

Written by Riya Verma