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What If: Marvel Shows How Easy It Was To Defeat Thanos


What If episode 8 showed how easily the Avengers or Vision could have defeated Thanos. However, fans are a little pissed about it. In episode 8, “What If Ultron Won?” fans came across a reality where the Avengers never stopped Ultron from taking Vision’s body. Moreover, Ultron defeated everyone, even crossed the Multiverse and came face to face with The Watcher. He got a hold of all the Infinity Stones, and the fans are pissed by the way it happened. Check it out.

What If Episode 8 Shows How Easy It Was To Defeat Thanos

We all got to see Vision for the first time in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the MCU, he was created by Tony, Banner, and a supercharge from Thor. However, in the comics, he was created by Ultron. Now, Marvel finally decided to explore that aspect as well. In What If episode 8, we saw how Ultron created Vision and he wasn’t the worthy version that we saw in Age of Ultron. The reason why this Vision was so savage is all because of Ultron and his malicious intent.

What If: Marvel Shows How Easy It Was To Defeat Thanos
What If Marvel Shows How Easy It Was To Defeat Thanos

What If‘s Vision was a straight-up savage and didn’t care about human life. Moreover, when he came across the Infinity Stones all bundled together in Thanos’ gauntlet, he legit split him in half. Now, this is something that has upset fans. It’s because Vision defeats him almost too instantly. SO, let’s see some fans have responded to this. Check out the reactions below:

Uno reverse on the Mad Titan

Literally, just like that? He snapped Thanos in half. 

Run Thanos, run! 

Cut open like a fruit. We all love the savage Vision!

Iconic, and ironic. The theory of balance is used on Thanos himself.

Well, then we wouldn’t have got Endgame. Do it for the plot!

You have all the right to lose it, my friend! 

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Written by Deepak Vasisht