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‘He’s The Ultimate Fanboy’: What If Season 3 to Explore the Watcher’s Humanity, Confirms Marvel Studios Head of Animation Brad Winderbaum

What If Season 3 to Explore the Watchers Humanity Confirms Marvel Studios Head of Animation Brad Winderbaum

The first ever animated show made by the Marvel Studios What If…? is returning for a second and a third season. While it was revealed earlier that it will be returning for a second season, the recent San Diego Comic-Con also announced season 3 of the show. Speaking of this, the Marvel Studios head of streaming, television, and animation Brad Winderbaum confirms that Watcher’s character will get a more important story arc in the future and as the show will progress, we will also get The Watcher evolving with that.

Marvel Studios' What If...?
Marvel Studios’ What If…?

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Brad Winderbaum on The Watcher:

Watcher to get more human angle in upcoming what if seasons
The Watcher in MCU

Marvel Studios What If…? not only marked a new beginning for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the field of medicine but also introduced Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher into the MCU. The Jeffrey Wright-voiced character presides all over the universes and spectates everything and every story in every universe.

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At the end of the first season, we saw that the Watcher is not merely a spectator as we saw him fighting with the Infinity Ultron and even giving a new life to Black Widow. Now according to the head of Marvel Animation, more of Watcher’s human side will be explored in the upcoming seasons of What If…? He went on to describe Watcher as “the ultimate fanboy” of marvel who watches and loves everything and if his words are to be believed, we will watch more of Watcher’s humanity in the upcoming seasons:

“The fact that we have What If…? going into a third season, it means that we can go a little bit deeper with these characters, especially the Watcher. It’s a Multiverse story, they’re standalone stories, but there is a serialized aspect to it because there’s this narrator who…he loves the subjects of these stories, he’s the ultimate fanboy. He’s watching, like we all watch, and he loves these characters like we do. So we can dig in a little deeper into what makes him tick in the second season, and then into the third season, we kind of get to know his humanity a lot more.” 

Now with an amazing character development teased by the Creator, it will be a treat to watch how it turns out in the upcoming seasons.

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What do we know about What If’s future?

Marvel Zombies variant of Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2
Marvel Zombies to release in 2024

Even though we don’t know many details about the second and third seasons of What If…? yet, it is already official that many characters from the phase 4 live-action universe will be introduced in the animated venture.

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According to the official slate published at the SDCC, What If will not only have 2 upcoming seasons but also an epic Marvel Zombies TV show which will act as a spin-off and continue the story that we were shown in the episode of What If… Zombies? where we were shown that one of the universes of Marvel has been subjected to a mass zombie outbreak. This series will take its story forward from that episode and will also introduce TV-MA or a TV show for a mature audience for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What If…? Season 2 will be released in early 2023 on Disney+ while Marvel Zombies will also be released around sometime in 2024 on Disney+.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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