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What in the World is Going on With Cara Delevingne? Is Amber Heard Responsible?

What in the World is Going on With Cara Delevingne? Is Amber Heard Responsible?

A series of disturbing incidents and events from Cara Delevingne’s life have been making the news for some time now. Erratic and problematic behavior on the part of the English model has her fans worried. Some have speculated that her mental health has taken a nosedive, while others think that she is facing addiction issues. Whatever may be the case, Cara Delvingne is clearly upset and unwell. Citing her previous controversial association with Amber Heard some have suggested that Amber Heard may have something to do with the model’s sorrows. We examine the same.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

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What’s Up With Cara Delevingne?

Cara Delevingne
The English Model

Cara Delevingne is a super-successful model. She is also breathtakingly beautiful. However, off late, she seems to be going through a rough patch in her life. Consider this: Delevingne failed to show up for the launch event of her fashion collection, was absent at the Emmys, and had an embarrassing day at the airport where she seemingly looked disheveled and confused. All this in a short span of a few weeks. There is more. Earlier she was spotted sitting alone in a car, smoking a pipe, and was later seen behaving erratically before boarding a plane. All this, along with disturbing reports of her days spent in the desert at the Burning Man festival paint a gloomy picture.

Clearly, all is not well with Cara Delevingne. While no explanation for her behavior has been put forth by her, fans of the model have come up with a plausible reason:  Amber Heard.

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Where Does Amber Heard Come Into All This?

Cara Delevingne with Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne go back many years. They allegedly spent a lot of time together, partying and hanging out. In fact, they were rumored to be romantically involved at one point. There was unconfirmed grainy footage from an elevator that showed both making out. All this, while Heard was still with Johnny Depp.

More recently, their relationship seems to have soured. Amber Heard was allegedly turned down by Delevingne when she went to her asking for help. Heard seems to have moved on and is reportedly involved with Eve Barlow. Fans speculate that Cara Delevingne may still have feelings for Heard and their falling out may have triggered her emotional turmoil.

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