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What is the 4-1-1 Method: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Technique Made Him a 235 lbs Terminator of Pure, Raging Muscle

What is the 4-1-1 Method: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Technique Made Him a 235 lbs Terminator of Pure, Raging Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger has championed the arena of bodybuilding and physical fitness from an era as far back as the 70s when he shot to global fame after competing in a series of title-grabbing contests that essentially placed him at the top of the world. Once the Austrian teenager got a taste of fame, there was hardly any stopping him as he traveled throughout Europe, visited London for more competitions which established him in the bodybuilding community, and eventually migrated to the US at the age of 21 to find a bright future waiting for him ahead.

Within two decades, he was not only the reigning king of Hollywood blockbusters but was running in high-profile politically charged circles, and getting married into the Kennedy family, forever securing a place in the tiers of untouchable greatness.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Maria Shriver

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Strategy To Gain Muscle Mass

Whether on the platforms of Mr. Olympia or in front of a lens performing stunts, Arnold Schwarzenegger has always imposed a larger-than-life personality that casts almost every other being in his vicinity into the shadows. But it did not affect the formative actor to know how far his fame and popularity reached and the claustrophobic abusive household in Thal that he has come from. The glory of wealth and undisputed fame did not reach his head and it was only his undying love for the training mats at the gym that kept him determined and focused throughout the entirety of his professional life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger trains for Mr. Olympia in 1974
Arnold Schwarzenegger trains for Mr. Olympia in 1974

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Recently, Schwarzenegger doled out some well-researched lessons via his podcast, Arnold’s Pump Club, the actor shared a few tips and strategies to gain that stubborn muscle mass and it’s a method most would find surprisingly easy to remember.

The 4-1-1 method, as Schwarzenegger calls it, focuses entirely on progressive overload. With a more concentrated focus on how one is lifting weights rather than how much weight is being lifted, the 4-1-1 involves a repetition of 3 moves:

Lowering the weight slowly for 4 seconds – “The slow four-second lowering tempo forces you to control the weight through the full range of motion, which gives your body an incredible stretch,” claims the 7-time Mr. Olympia. Holding it for one second. And quickly returning to the original position in one second. At its core, lifting weights too seems to be all about quality over quantity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Enters the Third Act of His Career

With the actor turning 76 this July, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been happier, healthier, and more proactive. Not only has the Terminator star taken up social activism as a cause to be passionately vocal about but has taken active measures to prove how much the issues he speaks up on mean to him. His recent visit to Auschwitz, the most prominent location associated with the Holocaust, and his eventual hour-long message of love and standing against hate were appreciated all over the globe.

Fubar (2023)
Fubar (2023)

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At 75, Schwarzenegger has also dipped his toes into television for the first time in his long, successful, and diverse career as he starts in a family comedy-drama, Fubar, alongside Top Gun: Maverick actress Monica Barbaro. The series follows a father-daughter duo working for the CIA as they try to take down an organization together while clashing with each other constantly.

Fubar is now streaming on Netflix.

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