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What people see in Disney Movies Vs What it is in Real Life.

The Disney Company is one of the most popular companies among kids for movies like Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow white and the seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast and many more. The motive behind creating this company was to entertain, inspire and inform kids globally through the power of storytelling, about what is good and what is bad and also to tell them that good wins over evil and that truth is always the right thing to do. We all have been inspired by the Disney during some point of our childhood, and if we get a chance to watch these movie again, they reminds us of our childhood, isn’t it. Over the years The Walt Disney Company has been committed to creativity, technology and innovation creating a good bond among their fans and helping them to enjoy such brilliant movies and to gain knowledge from them. But imagine if what all happens in the world comes to real life if the reel life Disney Logic is applied in the Real World. Sound interesting lets pop right into it.


1 First Kiss Expectation Vs Reality:



Fandomwire Video

2 Step Parents In Disney Vs Real Life:


3 Talking To The Mirror Disney Vs Reality:


Talking To Mirrors

4 Loving Animals Reel vs Real:



5 Listing & Singing Songs Reel vs Real:


6 Saying I love You Disney Style vs Reality:



7 They Lived Happily Ever After Disney vs Real Life:



8 Hairstyle After Swimming Disney vs Real Life:

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