“What Taylor does really well is…”: Before Getting Sued by Taylor Sheridan, Cole Hauser Revealed the Secret to Taylor Sheridan’s Insanely Deep Yellowstone Characters

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone has some very popular characters, and there is a reason they are so relatable

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  • Taylor Sheridan created Yellowstone is a milestone in television history.
  • According to the show's star Cole Hauser, there is a reason people relate to the characters in the show so much.
  • In late 2023, Sheridan sued Hauser over his coffee company's brand logo.
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The Dutton family and the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch are at the center of the Taylor Sheridan created show, Yellowstone. From Kevin Costner’s John Dutton – the patriarch of the family, to Beth and Rip, Jamie, Kayce, and Monica, the show intimately explores a family with some very interesting characters.

Yellowstone. | Credit: Paramount Pictures.
Yellowstone. | Credit: Paramount Pictures.

The show has been going on since 2018, when it first premiered and has been running for five long seasons. Now we are almost at the end line, with the fifth and final season part two, to be premiered later this year. The beloved show has been a household staple among viewers because of its relatable characters, as we traverse a world full of grey, and that is probably why Yellowstone went on to become such a hit.

Cole Hauser on How Taylor Sheridan Created The Characters in Yellowstone

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler in the beloved Paramount show. His character, as well as his relationship with Beth, are pretty massive points to the Yellowstone storyline. A lot of fans loved the chemistry between the two stars, and their characters are pretty relatable as they are not picture perfect in life or in their relationship. Talking about how Taylor Sheridan creates his characters for the show, Hauser told moviefone:


I would say they’re imperfect and I think a lot of people want to see that. I don’t watch all the television shows that are out there right now, so I can’t speak for all of them, but I think what Taylor does really well is he writes them imperfect.

taylor sheridan yellowstone
Taylor Sheridan in Yellowstone / Paramount Network

He further added:

Also, they need to help each other to fix not only issues outside of their relationship but within it. I think the audience seems to resonate not only with that, but also their passion for each other and the love, which is unwavering no matter what you do. So, I’m assuming that’s why people are attracted to them.

This shows how these characters have many real-life elements that a lot of other shows miss out on in order to make them more picturesque. Hauser’s Rip Wheeler has been a fan favorite from the beginning, and it’s easy to see why.

Taylor Sheridan and Cole Hauser’s Legal Matter Over a Cup of Coffee

Taylor Sheridan, along with being an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director, is also the owner of a ranch, the Bosque Ranch. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler in Sheridan’s created Yellowstone, owns a coffee company – Free Rein. And the legal issue is with the logo of both brands.


Yellowstone – Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kevin Costner [Credit Paramount Network]
Yellowstone – Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, and Kevin Costner [Credit: Paramount Network]
As alleged by Bosque Ranch, Free Rein’s coffee company’s brand logo looks similar to Sheridan’s company’s brand logo. In the lawsuit filed against Hauser’s coffee company, BR alleged “trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising.” And according to them, this use of a similar logo is “irreparably damaging to Bosque Ranch.

The lawsuit was filed in November of 2023, but it didn’t even last a month. By December 20, 2023, Sheridan’s team formally asked the District Judge to drop the case. This dismissal will also prevent Sheridan from ever suing Hauser’s Free Rein again on the same or similar matter in the future.

The fifth and final season of Yellowstone was divided into two parts. While we already got the first part of the season back in 2022, fans are still waiting on the final few episodes of the beloved show. Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 is set time premiere on Paramount+ in November 2024.

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