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The Joker is coming to town again. After Todd Philips claimed that there might be a possibility for a Joker sequel with Joaquin Phoenix eager to come back to portray Arthur Fleck again, the idea of a Joker Shared Universe no longer sounds like just a pipe dream. But there are several things for DC to consider before they go for it.


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More Villains


The Batman Rogues Gallery has a plethora of villains that are so twisted and demented they would be a perfect fit for the Joker Shared Universe. DC is gifted when it comes to super villains. Almost all their villains are a million miles better than whatever Marvel has to offer (barring a few exceptions of course). Bane, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Two Face, the Mad Hatter, the Riddler – each bad guy would make for an exceptional movie villain. There were rumors regarding a Bane Movie following the Joker movie but that has been found to be false. The good thing that came out of the rumor mill is the positive reception DC got because of the fans’ approval of another DC Villain movie. DC might be considering jump-starting another franchise here. And this time, it will be all about the villains.

Focus on Standalone Movies

We have said it once and we will say it again. Making a universe that is so well-connected with flawless continuity like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially DC’s. They have tried and tried again, failing every time. The DC Extended Universe is rife with continuity errors and plot holes that lay beyond human comprehension. What DC is good at from the movies we have seen so far is that they are unrivaled at making standalone productions. That is their strongest suit. Joker became such a success because it did not have to worry about the flawed continuity of the DCEU. It stood outside that bubble. And that is why we want the rest of the movies to be Stand-Alones too. It will help give the Directors the creative leg space they need.


No Batman (Or Any Other Superhero For That Matter)

Enough with the superheroes already! There’s dime a dozen movies coming every year and all of them tell us the adventures and exploits of the superheroes. But we would like to hear from the other side sometimes. Only after seeing Joker, fans could empathize with how society poured so much toxicity into Arthur Fleck’s head that he was forced to give in to insanity and chaos. If you put Batman or any other superhero into the fray, it defeats the entire purpose of the universe. The Joker Shared Universe’s greatest core competency is its villains, not the heroes. Let us keep it as such. Adding a superhero as one of the characters in a future movie under the Joker Share Universe will rake in the numbers but will be detrimental to the universe’s purpose and sanctity in the long run.

Exploring Gotham’s History


Warner Brothers Studios has a tendency to put too much on DC Films’ plates the moment they see the franchise or movie series sky rocket. Their intention to milk the DC Extended Universe franchise the moment they saw Man of Steel taking off was what doomed the Snyder-Verse. So if a Joker Shared Universe does happen, we want the area of jurisdiction for the movies to be small. It would be mutually beneficial for the Studio as well as the Directors to keep things within the boundaries of Gotham. This would mean less world building for the Film Makers while the Studio need not spend as much money on expanding the Joker shared universe. With Gotham’s colorful past, we do not think the movies would need to stray anywhere else. Gotham is the perfect petri-dish for all sorts of experiments.

A Martha Wayne Joker Movie

We might be pushing it here. Since the movies are going to be Standalone ventures, even if the movies are set in alternate universes, it would not affect the flow. Martha Wayne becomes the Joker during the Flashpoint Timeline. There is a serious fan following for Martha Wayne’s version of the Joker. With the Flashpoint movie happening, there could be a probability for Lauren Cohan to portray the role of the Joker in a future Joker Shared Universe Standalone venture.


Must Be R-Rated Throughout

The future of the superhero genre is in carving a niche. Marvel is all about family oriented entertainment. The DC extended Universe has a darker theme and relies heavily on symbolism. The Joker Shared Universe could be DC’s R-Rated venture. If Deadpool and Logan have proved something, it is that there is a huge market for mature and graphic superhero content. Joker was also very graphic and full of gore at times. That did not stop it from becoming a cult classic. With Warner Brothers meddling with what the Director is doing every time a DC movie is being produced, we sincerely hope they do not force the film makers to make it family oriented for a better reach. People would not just flip out but also walk out of the theaters if that happens.

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Villains vs. Villains is a strictly No-No for now

We Know. We all want it very badly. To see the Joker fight the Scarecrow or Bane fight the Riddler is a wet dream come true for many comic book fans. But for the next ten years at least, DC must focus on establishing the Joker Shared Universe rather than make cash cow productions. The Villains vs. Villains trope can wait for now. DC must start focusing on creating a solid foundation first.

Animated Tie-Ins


Both Marvel and DC Comics have had the ability to extend their superhero universe by virtue of animated tie-ins. Marvel Studios has multiple animated shows under its banner that more or less are connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the DCEU does not have animated Tie-Ins, the DC Sponsored Arrow-Verse does. They have many shows and movies with an animated tone that are an extension of the Arrow-Verse. The Joker Shared Universe could also benefit with such a move. If they really go for this one, the animated tie-ins must also be R-Rated and for Mature Audiences.


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