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What Would Have These 14 DC Movies Looked Like Without Special effects

“Wait For A Hero? Na– Be Your Own Damn Hero.”

When we all love to watch movies, especially if it’s related to either the DC or the Marvel Universe.
As we have known that both these universes have fierce competition in the market as to which company has the best movies inline.

With these great movies that the two companies produce, it’s crucial to showcase the best action scenes.
That’s when special effects come into play, as all these fantastic scenes are created digitally.

The producer of the movie has to rely on special effects to create a good film.
During the modern age, the height of reliance is awkward for us fans to understand unless we are shown the original footage.
The DC movies relay up-to 97 percent of the total shots, that’s very much.

Even though as fans, we all are well aware of the familiarity of CGI making the movie a blockbuster. But imagine what would happen if these CGI’s and special effects are stripped down, and we fans can see what these movies looked like before the visual magicians from the crew got their hands in it.

Well, let us tell you that the scenes are pretty shocking for fans to behold.
As we at FandomWire have gathered almost 14 DC movies and how they look without special effects. Isn’t this amazing…
Hop on with us while we take you through the gallery of the BTS of several DC movies.

#14 Superman: The Movie (1978)

#13 Batman Begins (2005)

#12 Constantine (2005)

#11 Superman Returns (2006)

#10 The Dark Knight (2008)

#9 Watchmen (2009)

#8 Jonah Hex (2010)

#7 Green Lantern (2011)

#6 The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

#5 Man of Steel (2013)

#4 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

#3 Suicide Squad (2016)

#2 Wonder Woman (2017)

#1 Justice League (2017)

You must have got a hint of how a superhero movie is made with the help of special effects.

Whether they are from the DC universe or the Marvel Universe, all of these movies use a large number of special effects for their film to hit great masses and audiences and perform well on the box office.

Different movies’ visual effects became a huge talking point and thus made fans wondered as to how these fantastic scenes came to live on the reel.


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