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“What would Naruto do?”: Masashi Kishimoto Revealed Real Reason He Killed Off Jiraiya – It’s Not for Shock Factor

Masashi Kishimoto Revealed Real Reason He Killed Off Jiraiya – It’s Not for Shock Factor

Naruto is a series known for being filled with messages that just might end up helping someone find their place in this world. Although often those messages are delivered through the sacrifice of a character that the fans love, this is something that has happened in Naruto ever since the first ever Land Of Waves arc.

Zabuza From Land Of The Waves Arc
Zabuza From Land Of The Waves Arc

However, the death of Jiraiya, somewhat of a father figure to Naruto later in the series, might have been misunderstood by fans, as the purpose of the death of this really important character held way more importance than it was presented originally in the series.

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Creator Of Naruto Reveals The Real Intention Behind The Death Of Jiraiya

Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto explained that he killed Jiraiya so our main protagonist would be able to understand the pain of Sasuke better. Essentially, this means that he wanted Naruto to lose someone who was like family to him, just so he could understand what Sasuke suffered from after the massacre of his clan.

Talking about the same, Kishimoto Said, via Comicbook, “Sasuke had his family killed, so he has revenge in his heart. But Naruto didn’t have that experience. There’s nothing that someone not in the same position can say that’s convincing, the things Naruto said just didn’t ring true to Sasuke. But later, when Naruto lost Jiraiya, a father-like figure to him, he understood Sasuke’s position for the first time. From there, what would Naruto do…?

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Jiraiya - Naruto
Jiraiya – Naruto

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How Jiraiya’s Death Made Naruto A Better Character

Now that it has been made clear by none other but the creator himself how the death of Jiraiya was much more than just a shock factor to the audience, it is important we discuss how it impacted Naruto in the long run, beginning with the Pain Arc.

Following the death of Jiraiya, Naruto sets on a journey towards perfecting his Sage mode, something which allows him to become way stronger, but more importantly, it ends up making him more enlightened and wiser than ever before, which helps him defeat Pain in the end.

Sage Mode Naruto
Sage Mode Naruto

Jiraiya remains one of the few characters who has not been revived after facing an unfortunate end in the series. He also remains as one of the fan favourite character of all time due to his humorous as well as wise nature.

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Source: ComicBook

Written by Aaditya Chugh