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‘What’s going to really matter… is what the audience says’: Henry Cavill Said “Batman V Superman” Critics Had Personal Opinions Clouding Their Judgment, Claims True DC Fans Have Spoken

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

When Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released in 2016, a lot of mixed reactions had bubbled up with regard to the film, especially from the side of the critics and early reviewers. Boy, did the critics have some strong opinions about the film!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

But the movie stars weren’t ones to tolerate negative reviews about their film either. Both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck who played the lead roles in the film shared their perspectives regarding the whole thing, and they seemed to be disagreeing with the critics’ views entirely.

Henry Cavill addressed the bad reviews that Batman v Superman got

In an interview with Yahoo UK, Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the film, talked about all those remarks that tagged the movie as either incoherent and confusing or simply called it a bad one. He believed the opinions of the critics had been marred by their own personal biases.

“The interesting thing is that we get the critics who have their personal opinions”, Cavill said. “And the thing about personal opinions is that they always come from a place and there’s a preconceived idea which you have to get past the critic before you start writing your article or your review.” As per the British actor, that pretty much “affects everything.”

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

He remarked that at the end of the day, what the DC fans had to say about it all, was what truly mattered. “What is really going to matter, I believe, is what the audience says.” 

He claimed that it was the audience who were going to “buy the tickets”, so it was only fair for the judgment to be left to them. “It’s the audience’s voice is loudest.”

When Ben Affleck was asked to share his two cents on the matter, he too, seemed to be in assent with his co-star. “I agree”, he simply stated.

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Zack Snyder’s take on his film getting negative attention

When the director himself was asked how he felt about the movie garnering a flood of mixed emotions, mainly bad ones, from the critics, Zack Snyder gave some insight of his own.

“I mean, like, you know I’m a comic book guy and I made the movie based as much as I could on that aesthetic”, he said. “I don’t know how else to do it a hundred percent.” 

Snyder seemed to have accepted the reactions his movie had evoked, claiming “it is what it is, you know.” 

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Zack Snyder on the set with Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder on the set of Batman v Superman with Henry Cavill

Even Amy Adams shared views similar to those of Henry Cavill as she mentioned how the fans should be given the opportunity to form their own opinions instead. “If you’re interested in a film you should see it and form your own opinion rather than just going on the word of somebody [else].”

However, the film ultimately ended up playing down the expectations of its fans, thereby not making much of a success as DC would’ve wanted it to.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can be streamed on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple TV.

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