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‘What’s next? Train or maybe Rocket?’: Fans Troll Gerard Butler Movie ‘Plane’ Getting a Sequel Titled ‘Ship’

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Plane was directed by Jean-François Richet, with Gerard Butler as the protagonist along with Mike Colter as the supporting actor. He will also star in the new maritime drama Ship. The sequel’s producers are MadRiver Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures, and G-BASE Productions, with director Jean-François Richet returning as an executive producer.

The sequel will center on Colter’s character, who evaded extradition to Toronto when Trailblazer Flight 119 went down in the Philippines and established an odd alliance with Gerard Butler’s Captain Brodie Torrance to save the plane’s passengers and crew from pirates.

Fans slander Gerard Butler’s Movie Plane’s sequel

Plane poster

It might seem like a joke or parody, but unfortunately, it is the reality shocking reality of Hollywood. Films like Avatar, The Fabelmans, Plane, and Ship co-exist at the same time in the same industry. A Transportverse might be on the rise, we never know.

The movie Plane was met with appalling reviews and just a 34 Million Box-Office collection. Despite no demand or requirement, the movie now has a sequel named Ship. As if the first film was not enough, its sequel reminds one of a toddler learning means of Transport. It is not hard to imagine the creativity that will shine through the film. Twitter picked up the news and trolled the two projects, questioning the purpose of its existence.

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Many netizens speculate a future franchise that will center on all kinds of transport like cars, buses, rickshaws, spaceships, etc. People are mostly aghast at the news given the irrelevance of a sequel for Plane. The film did not even make a lot of money or buzz when it was released, and not many even know about the film, maybe naming the sequel Ship was a strategy to gain attention towards the sequel and the original film.

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The plot, Budget, and possible market of the Sequel Ship 

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Ship will start up where Plane left off, with the legionnaire fleeing into the forests of Jolo Island. It’s unclear whether Butler will return for the sequel. According to Variety, the project is

“Following a high-octane showdown with the local militia on Jolo’s shores, Gaspare manages to commandeer a fishing boat and escape the Philippines, But he’s not out of the woods yet: the media circus surrounding Flight 119 has elevated his public profile, making him the subject of an international manhunt.”

It continues,

“Hoping to stay under the radar and get far away from his last known location, Gaspare hops aboard a cargo ship in East Asia that’s bound for South Africa. But as he settles in for a long voyage, the stowaway discovers that the ocean vessel is transporting more than goods — it’s also being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring.”


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Discussions with writers and directors for Ship are now ongoing. The movie will be pitched to foreign buyers during this week’s European Film Market, which runs concurrently with the Berlin Film Festival. CAA Media Finance is handling domestic rights.

Plane was released on 13 January 2023, with the OTT release yet to be announced.

Source: Twitter

Written by Pragya Sancheti

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