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“What’s wrong with you?”: Tom Hanks Was Flabbergasted by Marvel Star After He Made Him Do an Embarrassing Thing In Front of Everyone in $760M Movie

Tom Hanks Was Flabbergasted by Marvel Star After He Made Him Do an Embarrassing Thing In Front of Everyone in $760M Movie

Tom Hanks and the Marvel star Paul Bettany share the silver screen in the 2006 American mystery thriller The Da Vinci Code. Both the actors have led a thriving career in Hollywood. In the Ron Howard-directed film, Hanks played the role of American symbologist Robert Langdon, and his co-star Bettany depicted the character of Silas, a tortured albino monk. Both stars delivered phenomenal performances and earned critical acclaim. 

Nevertheless, there are many intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the film set, as the one WandaVision star earlier revealed. His co-star once shared that while filming one fight sequence in the movie, he smacked him in the stomach, which put Hanks in an awkward position. The actor claimed that he punched him so hard that the award-winning actor farted loud enough, which ultimately everyone heard on the set.

Tom Hanks and Paul Bettany’s Remarkable Performances in The Da Vinci Code

Tom Hanks and Paul Bettany in The Da Vinci Code.
Tom Hanks and Paul Bettany in The Da Vinci Code.

Tom Hanks is perhaps the most highly acclaimed actor of his generation. The legendary star has earned tremendous success in his storied career and has had the perks of working with many award-winning directors on their passion projects. Throughout his run as a leading star in showbiz, he has played many fascinating, challenging, and complex roles, proving his versatility as an actor. 

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The 67-year-old star has worked with enough A-list talents, including Paul Bettany. The actors shared the silver screen on the sets of their 2006 American mystery thriller The Da Vinci Code, based on acclaimed author Dan Brown’s 2003 novel.

The movie has an intriguing plot featuring a star-studded cast ensemble. It was a critical failure but was a commercial success that helped spawn two follow-sequels: Angels & Demons (2009) and Inferno (2016). Hanks and his co-star Paul Bettany did exceptional jobs and demonstrated their respective roles effectively, earning them critical acclaim.

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Tom Hanks’ Co-star Puts Him in an Embarrassing Spot on the Set of their Movie

Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany

In a candid interview, The Tourist movie star Paul Bettany revealed that while filming a fight sequence with his co-star Tom Hanks for The Da Vinci Code, he punched him so hard that the actor ended up farting. He said that usually, when actors are doing any scenes, there is a pin-drop silence on the set, and therefore it was an awkward situation when he smacked him and the actor farted loud enough that everyone heard the sound. Bettany recalled,

“I was like, Holy shit, what am I going to do? It’s Tom Hanks, the biggest star in the world, and I’ve just made him fart, Gargantuan fart. He looked at me, and I looked at him. And he went, ‘What’s wrong with you?’”

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

In a previous interview, Hanks recalled the hilarious incident,

“Paul came rushing in, and I met him, and what had to happen- he was supposed to knock me down against a desk, and then I landed on the ground. And the way it sounded was grunts, yells, fart noise. I farted when I hit the floor. I farted. He’ll never forget this, and it’s made him dislike fight scenes.”

Ron Howard-directed movie earned negative reviews from critics. It grossed $760 million at the global box office. The film boasts a star-studded cast featuring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Sir Ian McKellen, Alfred Molina, Jürgen Prochnow, Jean Reno, and Paul Bettany.

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The Da Vinci Code is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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