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Embarrassing Times When 6 Musicians Tried To Be Actors And 6 Actors Tried To Be Musicians

It’s not easy to attain perfection in art. However, when you know you’re excellent at something, you might wanna stick to polishing that. Some of the biggest stars of showbiz have taken the not-so-wise decision of leaving behind their art form and doing things out of the box. Because not everyone can be Justin Timberlake, here are the embarrassing times when 6 musicians tried to be actors and 6 actors tried to be musicians:

1. 50 Cent – Acting

Musicians Tried To Be Actors

50 Cent made his acting debut in his own biopic titled Get Rich Or Die Tryin. The film barely managed to make any nickels or dimes for him though. When Samuel L Jackson was offered a role in the film, he turned it down citing 50 Cent’s inexperience.


2. Robert Downey Jr. – Music

Before becoming the futuristic Tony Stark, RDJ tried his hands at music at released an album called ‘The Futurist’. Entertainment Weekly said that “Downey displays neither a supple voice nor the ability to at least keep the beat”


3. Rihanna – Acting

Musicians Tried To Be Actors

The Umbrella singer’s biggest role was in the bombing Battleship movie, in which her performance didn’t meet well with the critics.


4. Bruce Willis – Music

Back in 1980s, Bruce Willis performed blues music using the stage persona “Bruno”. He released an album called ‘The Return of Bruno in 1987. Critics panned his performances and said Bruno shouldn’t have retuturned


5. Mick Jagger – Acting

Musicians Tried To Be Actors

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is often seen trying his luck at the cinema. With mostly mixed results, his part in Ned Kelly, was as good as “having a stillborn child” according to the film’s director.


6. Scarlett Johansson – Music

Johansson’s music album in 2008 titled Anywhere I Lay My Head didn’t quite make a superhero landing. Critics compared her to karaoke enthusiasts.


7. Madonna – Acting

Musicians Tried To Be Actors

Soon after Madonna stepped in front of the camera, her acting career sank as her performance in Swept Away didn’t meet well with critics.


8. Jeremy Renner – Music

Jeremy released an album titled Medicine just when we were in need of it the most, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well it turned out it wasn’t the right medicine after all.


9. Adam Levine – Acting

Musicians Tried To Be Actors

When he was cast in Begin Again, fans were thrilled to hear the news of the Maroon 5 frontman doing a movie. However, Levine’s performance in the film was panned extensively which led him to decide that acting isn’t meant for him

10. Ryan Gosling – Music

During the early days of his career, Ryan Gosling played the strings, keys and occasionally sang for the goth rock band ‘Dead Man’s Bones’. Although the music wasn’t bad, it didn’t bring about enough success as his acting career did.

11. Britney Spears – Acting

Britney Spears was at the peak of her career when she decided to sign the film Crossroads. The film bombed at the box office and people left questioning the director’s casting choice.

12. Lindsay Lohan – Music

While LiLo’s first album titled ‘Speak’ did wonders in 2004, her singing career tanked when she released the second album.


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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.