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When Defenders Netflix Characters Revert to Marvel

Following the success of other TV projects like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., various series were lined up. Daredevil, being the first show out in 2015, was met with a very robust critic response and it is sanguine. Subsequent outings, such as Iron Fist and the team-up, The Defenders, failed to capture as much goodwill and attention. 

The Defenders

This resulted in the cancellation of five ongoing series. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher revoked one after another. This left many fans shattered. According to several reports, Marvel would retain back the rights to the characters two years after the date of the cancellation of their respective series. Here is when Marvel is getting its characters back!

Iron Fist

Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist

Billionaire martial artist Danny Rand is the first to get back into the lap of Marvel. He is all set to reprise Marvel-side on October 12, 2020. It remains suspicious that Marvel might continue these shows exactly where they left off. Also, if any of these series desperately needs a refurbishment, it is Iron Fist


Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil

The stage is all set for this blind, crime-fighting Vigilante and the small-time defense attorney to return. Matt Murdock, the devil of hell’s kitchen is going to revert Marvel on November 29, 2020. Moreover, Daredevil was the one that proved to be a true breakout hit.

The Punisher

Frank Castle AKA The Punisher

Frank Castle, the man of action and the man fighting a war commenced by the death of his family. Above all, He is the rite of terror for criminal society in New York. He is now ready to come out of his exile on February 18, 2021.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

This series followed the hard-boiled exploits of the equally hard-drinking private investigator, Jessica Jones, a woman with enhanced strength. The first season got a very good response and the next season balanced things off. We can anticipate come-back of her after February 18, 2021.

Luke Cage

The respective series got canceled, a week after Iron Fist. The show featured Mike Colter as Harlem’s bulletproof-skinned Hero. He could make a possible return after October 19, 2020.

Luke Cage

Whether these characters return as they are or will be rebooted, the adult tone of these shows seems not compatible with Marvel Studios’ films, which are usually far light-toned in comparison.

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