“When did I become this guy? I’m an a**hole all of a sudden”: Hollywood Stars Were Scared of Ben Affleck After He Became a Director

"When did I become this guy? I’m an a**hole all of a sudden": Hollywood Stars Were Scared of Ben Affleck After He Became a Director
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The secret to making it big in the Hollywood industry is to have creative and artistic talent and the ability to use that to the fullest potential to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Thus, Ben Affleck remains one of the most celebrated and respected stars in show business, all thanks to his exceptional acting prowess.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

While he may be an award-winning actor in the Hollywood industry, he also possesses the talent to turn a vision into reality, something that he has achieved by taking his talent behind the camera as a successful director. But when he did shift toward this particular path, there was a reception from his peers that he never imagined would happen.

Ben Affleck Felt He Was Being Treated Differently When He Became A Director

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck in a still from Argo

The mark of a talented individual is often reflected in the views of the audience and whether or not they loved their performance on screen. Thus, when it comes to Ben Affleck, people have nothing but good things to say about his acting, which is naturally backed up by the Oscar Award he received for Good Will Hunting. But taking a broader stance, the star also delved into the directorial side of things, where he received a lot of praise too, but so did the alienation from people around him.


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In a past interview, the Batman Vs Superman star talked about his shift from acting to directing and what that decision entailed. The release of Argo, a film in which Affleck both directed and acted, received an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013, which was the second time that the star was awarded for his contributions to cinema. But he started to notice that due to a change in his occupation, people around him would just act unlike themselves, especially in his presence. Recounting an experience from the past, he said:

“I’m not one of the guys any more. I remember I was walking over to the house guests and I heard one of the guys talking about getting stoned – I think somebody had brought something into the house – and as I arrived everybody clammed up, I thought ‘When did I become this guy? What am I, the dad?’ I’m an asshole all of a sudden.’”

While he may have noticed this at the time, he soon came to realize that the position of a director is filled with seriousness and professionalism, something that people act accordingly to when they see someone with that title.


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What’s Next For Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck in a still from Air
Ben Affleck in a still from Air

After giving critically-acclaimed and award-winning masterpieces in his directorial career, Ben Affleck wants to continue the streak as he brings yet another cinematic vision of his in the form of the recently released Air. Helming the project, along with assuming the role of former Nike CEO Phil Knight, the star hopes to bring to life the story of the Air Jordans, the biggest and most phenomenal sports brand deal in history.

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Air, streaming on Prime Video.

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