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“When I couldn’t pick up my daughter, that was a very upsetting time”: Jeremy Renner Was Devastated After His Unfortunate Injury While Shooting an Action Scene

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Jeremy Renner has had his fair share of injuries throughout his life. While none of them will compare to what he is going through, some of them were far too dangerous. His won’t be the first on-set injury that shook the world. There have been various actors who have gone through something similar. Many have unfortunately even lost their lives because of it.

Tag' Made Jeremy Renner Cooler Than an Avenger – The Hollywood Reporter
Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner in Tag

Tag was a movie that received a good amount of fame thanks to its interesting plot and an even stunning cast. From Jake Johnson to Jon Hamm, the entire movie had a cast that was enough to amaze the audience. However, there had been a couple of instances while the shooting of the movie that left Renner in terrible shape.

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Jeremy Renner Injureded Himself Heavily While Filming Tag

Jeremy Renner first revealed that his arms were broken during the shoot of a movie. This movie turned out to be Tag and it can easily be presumed that these injuries were one of the reasons that kept him from appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. He explained how even these injuries came to be. Often enough it is insisted that actors do their own stunts; Renner was one of those who was to do his own stunts.

Tag Movie Review: Jeremy Renner's Broken Arms Steal the Comedy - Thrillist
Jake Johnson and Jeremy Renner in Tag

There was a scene that required him to run up thirty chairs as an escape. However, that backfired terribly. The rigging that was supposed to make sure he stayed safe broke down and Renner fell down, resulting in his arms being severely injured. He ended up breaking both his arms in a most awful way, worrying himself and everyone around him. However, he did not realize instantly that his arms had suffered massive damage.

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Jeremy Renner Went Back To Filming

Jeremy Renner confirmed that because he did not know that he was as badly hurt, he got up, brushed himself off, and went back to shooting the next sequence. He slowly started noticing that perhaps something was wrong. He went to the hospital and was told that his bones were broken.

Sadly, Jeremy Renner's C.G.I. Arms Aren't the Real Stars of Tag | Vanity Fair
Jeremy Renner in Tag

“When I couldn’t pick up my daughter, that was a very upsetting time, but once I was able to do that, then I was healed in my mind.”

He was absolutely shaken by not being able to hold his daughter closely and pick her up. However, he healed up, and holding her helped him even more. In order to finish the movie, CGI was used during the post-production so as to hide the cast in his arms.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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