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“When I go to f**kin’ Haiti to drop off supplies and doctors”: Veteran Pilot Harrison Ford Says Government Has Abandoned its Own People for Commercial Aviation

"When I go to f**kin’ Haiti to drop off supplies and doctors": Veteran Pilot Harrison Ford Says Government Has Abandoned its Own People for Commercial Aviation

Popular for portraying the iconic archaeologist and explorer, Harrison Ford is all set for his final run as Indiana Jones in his upcoming film. He is also making his MCU debut in the next Captain America film as Thunderbolt Ross. Along with being one of the biggest Hollywood stars to this day, Ford is also known for his contribution to aviation as a licensed pilot and has provided emergency services on several occasions.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

However, the actor did not seem too impressed with the state of commercial and general aviation at that time as he shared his thoughts on the same during his recent interview with Esquire.

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Flying is an Important Part of Harrison Ford’s Life

During his recent interview with Esquire, Harrison Ford talked about his passion for flying, which he has been doing for twenty-eight years. He shared that flying is not something he does as a hobby or a side activity, but is something very important to him.

Harrison Ford on the pilot seat
Harrison Ford on the pilot seat

For me, flying is as important a part of my life as my business. It’s not like playing golf,” he said. He also talked about an organization, Young Eagles, that organizes an event at local airports where pilots bring their children, and it allows them to learn more about planes and grow their interest in aviation.

The Blade Runner star, who also served as the group’s president for five years, shared that he also introduced dozens of kids to general aviation during those events. He also talked about how people don’t understand general aviation’s contribution to the economy and community.

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Harrison Ford on the Value of General Aviation

Harrison Ford has served the community during emergencies multiple times and opened up about the lack of understanding of general aviation during his recent interview. The Indiana Jones star said that people are unable to understand how general aviation has contributed to “the economy and the community.”

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford
Hollywood actor Harrison Ford

He explained that it’s a whole community that provides their services to the economy before adding, “It’s me when I go to fu*kin’ Haiti to drop off supplies and doctors when there’s an earthquake.” However, he claimed that the community is getting “squeezed out” as the government is prominently focused on commercial aviation.

He shared that events organized by organizations like Young Eagles do help in investing young minds in general aviation. But he also mentioned, “We have been beset by losing airports for the economic opportunity that they present in another form.”

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is set to release on 30 June 2023.

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