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‘When I think of Superman, I think of Ben Affleck’: Kevin Smith Chooses Ben Affleck Over Henry Cavill as His Dream Superman Actor, Hints Cavill Didn’t Nail the ‘Clark Kent’ Aspect

Kevin Smith Chooses Ben Affleck Over Henry Cavil

Carrying on the legacy of Christopher Reeves, Henry Cavill was cast as Superman for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Since then, the actor has appeared in multiple DC films, including two versions of Justice League.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman.

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On the other hand, far more actors have donned the suit of Batman, with Robert Pattinson being the latest. But Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman garnered far more attention as it was the first time the caped crusader would go toe to toe against the Boy Scout.

What did fans think of Henry Cavill?

The casting of Henry Cavill as Superman was a controversial one, mainly because he wasn’t the first choice for many DC fans. But after watching Man of Steel, fans believed it to be a mistake. Many call his acting wooden and lacking charisma, while some shifted the blame to the bad script.

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Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill last played Superman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

But moving further into Justice League and fans warmed up to his performance as Superman, with many wanting to finally see the sequel to Man of Steel. But after Zack Snyder left the DCEU, The Witcher star followed suit, as he was the face of Snyderverse.

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His stint as Superman would’ve ended just there if it wasn’t for the fans wanting to see the actor in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and more DC films made by Zack Snyder.

Does Kevin Smith want Ben Affleck as Superman?

With the role of Superman still ambiguous, many are already recommending alternatives, with Richard Madden, Michael B. Jordan, and Jon Hamm being fan favorites. The controversial producer Kevin Smith also chimed in on the conversation in an interview with GQ. He said:

“…when I think of Superman I think of Ben Affleck to be honest with you but to be fair most movie characters I feel could be played by Ben Affleck”

Kevin Smith
Masters of the Universe: Revelation producer Kevin Smith.

He later backtracked on his statement and praised Henry Cavill for his role as Superman, noting that he enjoyed Zack Snyder’s take on the character. But in the end, Christopher Reeves remains his favorite actor to play Kal-El. He stated:

“Henry Cavill as Superman [is] probably honestly the prettiest Superman we’ve had so easy to look at… I think Henry’s a wonderful actor I think he did great in the role, absolutely wonderful…”

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As Ben Affleck is at the end of his run as Batman and Henry Cavill’s return as Superman is still not confirmed, speculations are running rampant, with even Ben Affleck suggested as the next Supes. Hopefully, the matter will be resolved with The Tudors star returning as Clark Kent in Black Adam.

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Written by Nikhil Makwana

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