When The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, & Other CW Shows Return

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As the world is hit by COVID-19 pandemic, approximately every element of our routine life is affected. The effects are not limited to the ordinary folks like you and me but have also reached the entertainment industry. As a result, the production for countless shows and movies is shut down. 

However, the CW fans should be pleased enough as a positive change is expected this month. A majority of shows (excluding Supernatural and Legacies) are all set to resume with the airing of their new episodes. While the exact number of events remains unknown, fans will still get something to look forward at.

Are you curious to know when your favourite CW show is returning with the latest episodes? Keep scrolling to find out.

Nancy Drew

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Nancy Drew: April 8

The Freshman series of Nancy Drew is the first one to return, with the latest episodes airing since April 8th. The return is followed by “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, which is returning with its third instalment. The returning episode was titled as “The Girl in the Locket”. It was the penultimate instalment before the “spring finale” of the show.


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Riverdale: April 15

This coming week, Riverdale is making its return too by airing its latest episode on Wednesday, i.e. April 15th. The instalment is a long-awaited one and will be the third-annual musical episode of the show. The event is highly expected to bring an unconventional production of Hedwig and The Angry Inch, to life.

Katy Keene

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Katy Keene: April 16

Katy Keene is a spinoff series of Riverdale and has returned just a day later than Riverdale, i.e. on Thursday, April 16th. The returned episode has brought more drama in the lives of its “Core Four”. Particularly as Josie McCoy sets out with a purpose to reform Josie and the Pussycats.

The Flash

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The Flash: April 21

The Flash is soon going to return from its over the month-long break on Tuesday, April 21st, with its episode labelled “So Long and Goodnight”.The confirmation of the show being unable to finish with the filming of its sixth season is already received. The show has enough episodes only to air till May 19th. Post that, the timeslot of the series will get filled by the events of Stargirl.

Legends Of Tomorrow

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Legends of Tomorrow: April 21

Legends of Tomorrow will accompany The Flash series in its return on Tuesday, April 21st. The latest episode, of the series is titled as “Zari, Not Zari”. The episode is anticipated to be a unique variation for the series.


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Batwoman: April 26

Just like The FlashBatwoman will also return from its month-long holiday, this coming week on Sunday, April 26th. The return is titled as, “A Narrow Escape”, and will impede the recent betrayal of Batwoman (Ruby Rose) dictated on Alice (Rachel Skarsten).


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Supergirl: April 26

The latest episode of Supergirl will air just after an hour from Batwoman, on Sunday, April 26th. The episode, is titled as “Deus Lex Machina”, and will act as the directorial debut of Melissa Benoist, and bring a crucial transition in the struggle against Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer).

I hope you found the article interesting and are ready to watch your favourite shows soon. For more such content, Stay tuned!

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