“When they finally decide to date”: Marvel Star Chris Evans’ Fans Can Not Stop Fantasizing About Ana De Armas Relationship Despite His Current Dating Status

"When they finally decide to date": Marvel Star Chris Evans' Fans Can Not Stop Fantasizing About Ana De Armas Relationship Despite His Current Dating Status
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Ana De Armas and Chris Evans worked together in multiple movies including The Gray Man, Knives Out, and the upcoming Ghosted. Their on-screen chemistry has always been an interesting aspect to explore. Fans, who want to see a possible off-screen relationship for the duo, have been rooting for the two to perhaps one day get together.

Ana De Armas with Chris Evans

The two have become great friends after working on many movies together and while the actor is in a happy relationship with Alba Baptista, fans want to see Ana De Armas and Chris Evans get together. Dating rumors may seem unlikely but, that won’t stop the audience from hoping to see a possible future for the two. There had been rumors about the two dating, however, they had been cut short upon learning about Evans’ girlfriend.

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Fans Are Waiting For The Day Ana De Armas And Chris Evans Get Together

Both Ana De Armas and Chris Evans are in happy relationships with their partners Paul Boukadakis and Alba Baptista. The actors have been great friends because of the various movies they have worked on together and their platonic relationship has made fans want to see it turn into much more and perhaps even a romantic relationship.

Chris Evans with Ana De Armas

There had been rumors of the duo dating but those quickly faded and instead turned into sighs of hope. The two have a massive fanbase both combined and individually which brings this want to see them dating to grow even more. Although this wish is highly unlikely considering the serious relationships that they are in, it does not really stop the audience from demanding what could be deemed impossible. The hope does not die and perhaps will not die anytime soon considering that De Armas and Evans are doing another movie together. This has sprouted more of a demand to see them together.

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Fans Wait Patiently To Someday See Chris Evans And Ana De Armas Date

Chris Evans and Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas and Chris Evans

Seeing that Ghosted will be released soon, fans cannot stop commenting on how good Ana De Armas and Chris Evans look together. Even though their platonic relationship is as charming as ever, the audience still wants to see the two dating just for the satisfaction of the fans.



They have been patiently waiting to one day see the two get together regardless of how healthy and happy their relationships with their current partners may be. Their upcoming movie is also said to include Chris Evans’ childhood friend Scarlett Johansson who will be reuniting with the actor as well.

Ghosted will release on Apple TV in 2023.


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