“When we were casting the d**k pic”: Bizarre Audition Process For Dakota Johnson’s New Movie Required Men to Do Absurd Things

Dakota Johnson's Daddio required her to sit alongside with her team and sift through private pictures to fulfill a casting call.

Dakota Johnsson Daddio


  • Dakota Johnson’s film, Daddio, required an unusual audition for a specific scene for which the team sought a faceless persona for a crucial moment in the movie.
  • The prop master devised an ingenious solution involving private contributions to create the needed image.
  • Scheduled for release on June 28, 2024, it features Dakota Johnson’s acting prowess in a plot around conversations within a New York City cab.
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Climbing on the success ladder with a range of diverse roles across several genres, Dakota Johnson has now begun testing her producing skills with her next film, Daddio. Starring herself alongside Sean Penn, the upcoming drama flick has already generated sufficient interest for its cast involving only the two primary actors and a plot revolving around and taking place mostly within a cab in New York City, setting the stage for an unmatched depth of character development.

Dakota Johnson in action during a film shoot
Dakota Johnson during a film shoot | Nigel Horsley for Wikimedia Commons

Staying true to her merit of leaving no stone unturned in making her every outing a successful one, the Persuasion actress recently opened up on a straight-up unconventional audition that the team settled for filling in a scene. While productions in the past have gone above and beyond in their quest to land that perfect actor, Johnson’s call was for a faceless persona.

Daddio came up with an ingenious idea to fill a bizarre role

Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn interacting in a still from Daddio trailer
Dakota Johnson and Sean Penn in a still from Daddio trailer | Sony Pictures Classics

Dakota Johnson portrays the role of Girlie, a young woman taking a cab back to her apartment in Manhattan after landing at the airport, with the driver being Sean Penn’s character, Clark. During the course of the travel, the former keeps a chat open with an undisclosed and “ominous third character,” who resorts to sending a “di*k pic,” that does make its way to the screen, requiring the need for Daddio to feature one picture depicting the same.


In her June 2024 appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show, the actress revealed how they got around it. Admitting that the movie did not have stock di*k pictures to choose from, the movie’s prop master, Diana Burton conjured an idea, asking her group of male friends to contribute anonymously with private clicks. Johnson and the team then went through the received drops to settle on their perfect choice.

When we were casting the di-k pic, there’s not really a back stock of p*nis photos that are usable in movies. The photos were studied intently. The four of us, just like four women [saying], ‘This one’s nice, that one’s not great.’

Humorous as it may sound, the ordeal detailed the actual process that goes behind the making of a movie, which, at times, utilizes ingenious ways as such to achieve its desired goal.

Dakota Johnson looks to move past her Madame Web catastrophe

An angry Dakota Johnson in a still from Madame Web
Dakota Johnson in a still from Madame Web | Sony Entertainment

In early 2024, Dakota Johnson, along with Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Emma Roberts starred in Sony’s live-action spiderverse flick, Madame Web. Unfortunately, the outing became one of the lowest-rated in the spidey-less series of films while going on to become a box office disaster, earning just about $100 million against a budget of $80 million. Moreover, it also went on to earn a place on the list of the poorest received outings for the actress herself.


Looking to actively brush past her superhero debut, Daddio will have Johnson showcase her acting prowess as the cab ride opens up unexpectedly honest conversations around topics ranging from relationships and intimacy to loss and vulnerability. Following a premiere at the 50th Telluride Film Festival in September 2023, the movie has held up well in front of the critics and is aiming to strike a better chord with audiences.

Daddio is scheduled for a June 28, 2024 release.


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