When Will One Piece End: Eiichiro Oda Has Promised to Bring The Greatest Battle Ever in One Piece History

One Piece Ending Explained by Manga Creator Eiichiro Oda.

When Will One Piece End: Eiichiro Oda Has Promised to Bring The Greatest Battle Ever in One Piece History


  • As many anime enthusiasts may be aware, the Egghead arc marks the beginning of One Piece's final chapter in Eiichiro Oda's legendary manga series.
  • But there are still some unanswered questions about One Piece's conclusion among fans.
  • One of the unanswered questions is if Luffy will go after One Piece before taking on the World Government, or if he will go after One Piece first and then defeat the World Government.
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As many anime fans might know, Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus One Piece has entered the final saga of its story with the Egghead arc. The arc has unveiled a lot of new secrets and information about the story and has brought a new understanding to the ending of probably the greatest story ever told in the world of anime.

One Piece has entered it's final arc
One Piece

However, fans still have some questions in their mind regarding the ending of One Piece that has been bugging the entire One Piece fandom since the beginning of the series. One of the questions is whether Luffy will find One Piece first and then fight the World Government, or he will first defeat the World Government and then go on to find One Piece.

But fans may not need to worry as Oda san has already answered the question about how the story of One Piece will end and how he will draw the greatest battle ever in One Piece history. He answered this question in one of the SBS Volumes of One Piece.


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One Piece Will End When Luffy Will Find “The One Piece

In the SBS Volume 97, Oda san explained that while the story is a little far from its ending the story will come to an end when the greatest mystery of the series is solved. This mystery as many might know revolves around the One Piece treasure and no one knows what the actual One Piece treasure is.

Oda stated:


“Rather than wanting to stop, it’s that the series will end, because the most exciting part of Luffy’s adventure, being the story of “What is the One Piece?”, will come to its conclusion.”

Strawhats in One Piece
Strawhat Pirates in One Piece

Eiichiro Oda also explained that finding out what the One Piece is, is the most exciting part of Luffy’s adventure, and when it is revealed then the story will automatically come to an end rather than Oda wanting to stop writing further.

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Eiichiro Oda Will Draw The Greatest Battle Ever

When Volume 97 was released, Luffy was still fighting Kaido in the Wano country. Therefore Oda talked about how if Luffy makes it out of Wano, the story will get global scale developments and he will draw the greatest battle ever.


Oda said:

“Things are heating up in the Wano Country right now, but if Luffy can set sail from here safely, there will be developments on a global scale, a thrilling story the likes of which no one has ever read before, I’ll draw the “greatest battle ever” in OP history.” 

One Piece
The Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece

He further added:

“It will be exciting!! In other words, I made such a statement so readers could be mentally prepared to understand that even a story as long as this one is properly heading towards its end. That said, for now just take your time and enjoy Wano while it’s hot. I’ll be drawing with all of my strength!!”

Oda san wants the readers to be mentally prepared for the upcoming battle as it will be something that One Piece fans have never seen before. He also stated that he is drawing with all his strength and will make sure fans enjoy it.


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As the events of Wano have already ended in the anime and the manga, and the Egghead arc has started, fans can realize that Oda was right about the changes and developments in the story at a global scale.

You can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll.


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