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When will Stranger Things Season 5 release? Everything We know So Far.

Stranger Things season 5 is on our way, and it is official. The episodes have not been filmed yet, but after the last episode of season 4, we all know what storyline to expect from the writers in the upcoming season, on Netflix. The creators of the show, namely The Duffer Brothers, have given their viewers a hint that there might be a time jump, as the characters in the show look more than their age as shown in the show. The executive producer, Shawn Levy suggested that a bold, tragic and satisfying end is on our way. He also said that he does not want the show to divert from the storyline, and keep things the way they started.

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Stranger Things season 5?
Will there be a Stranger Things season 5?

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date

Since the filming of Stranger Things season 5 has not started yet, we have to assume that we have to wait for it, the way we waited for Stranger Things season 4 for almost three years. Due to COVID, the filming of season 4 wrapped around September 2021, and the first seven episodes did not come out until May 2022, nearly eight months after the filming of the season. Before the pandemic, we have seen that each season took about five to six months to shoot, and the post-production work, includes lengthy VFX work, which takes about a year to complete.

Therefore, we have to assume that Stranger Things season 5 won’t come out until next year, that is 2023. Although if we think about it practically, Stranger Things Season 5 won’t come out until 2024. The first and the second seasons dropped almost a year apart, and that was pre-pandemic. The Duffer Brothers have already seen the patience of the viewers as season 4 of the show came out after three years. As season 5 would be their last season, they would probably want it to go big, and so they might as well wait for their viewers out for a long time.

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Is Stranger Things Season 5 the final season?

Is season 5 the end?
Is season 5 the end?

If we see in Stranger Things season 4, Eleven and her friends are at Hawkins, and in The Upside Down, Stranger Things season 5 will be the last season of this story but it does not indicate that this will be the last Netflix show that will be set in the Stranger Things Universe. When The Duffer Brothers were announcing that season 5 will be the last chapter, they talked about a potential spin-off series relating to the world of Stranger Things.

They also said that they haven’t told anyone about their ideas, so it is not even written and they intend on keeping it a secret because they think everyone including Netflix will be blown when they hear about the concept. They also said that Finn, had guessed their concept, and so apart from him no one else knows about it.

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Everything about Stranger Things- plot, characters

El and Vecna
El and Vecna


We don’t know the plot of the Stranger Things season 5 as of yet, because it is still under wraps, but the Duffer Brothers said that they know what the ending is, and they have mapped everything out very nicely. Matt Duffer had previously said that this ending is the one that instantly feels right and has always felt right.

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, in the show said that they are introducing new things, but also pointing in a certain direction. He said they are working towards having a clear, clean, and specific ending.

Season 4 included all the characters grouped up and placed into different places- Hawkins, Nevada, Russia respectively trying to take down Vecna. As Max baits, his subconscious at the Creel house, finding a way out from Vecna’s Curse, Steve, Robin, and Nancy set fire to his physical form in the Upside Down. Eleven is with her Papa and Dr. Ownes, somewhere in a place called Nina, trying to gain back her powers. Will, Mike, and Jonathan try to find out El. Meanwhile, Eleven finds out Max with her mind and sees that they are all planning a way to fight with Vecna, but as Will says, he is far from defeated.

Ross Duffer says that Season 5 is going to be emotional from the very beginning. He also said that he has seen executives cry, who never shed a tear before.

When it comes to the cast, I think we all know that it is very unlikely that the main cast will be separated, so we can expect each one of them to show in season 5.  We can expect a new introduction of characters but we know that our main characters will be present in season 5 of Stranger Things.

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Written by Kathakali Sarkar