“Where do you get it?”: Some More Lucky Than Others as PlayStation Starts Handing Out Free PS Plus Subscriptions

A few lucky ones will have the time of their lives for the next two weeks.

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  • Recently, a few on the PlayStation Plus subreddit reported receiving 14 days' worth of the PS Plus Premium tier.
  • This sparked some discussion on why only a few random users seem to be receiving the gift while others are left in the dark.
  • Most, however, ultimately chalked it up to Sony trying to push past users of the service back into resubscribing.
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It is an inarguable statement that PlayStation has been absolutely crushing it this generation. With the PS5 leading the charge in sheer sales volume and exclusives that continue to raise the bar ever so high, Sony’s gaming division is riding the high wave at the moment.


Perhaps the great vibes this generation has inspired have inspired a wave of generosity, too, as Sony seems to have been secretly handing out free 14-days’ worth of PlayStation Plus Premium for zero cost. Is it a gift or some marketing move? Whatever the reason, it’s certainly got the community abuzz.

Many Playstation Fans Rejoice as They Receive PS Plus Premium Completely Free

An image showing PlayStation Plus' July monthly games, featuring Borderlands 3, Among Us, and NHL '24.
PS Plus’ July lineup has been the subject of overwhelmingly negative reception – Image Credit: PlayStation on X.

As PlayStation continues to find success with its cross-platform strategy and celebrate its overall wins this generation, a Reddit post has sparked curiosity among the community. It’s a pleasant surprise, really, given how the OP randomly received a code to gain access to PS Plus Premium from Sony.

Did anyone else get the 14 days PlayStation premium code?
byu/BusNo1748 inPlayStationPlus

As one would expect, the post gained quite a bit of traction, and other users quickly jumped in to speculate on what was going on. First order of business, though? Try and get it for yourselves:

byu/BusNo1748 from discussion

Given the circumstances under which OP received the subscription, the drop seems to come in randomly and pick only a few people to share the code with at a time. So, while it’s great that a few lucky ones get to experience PlayStation Plus‘ premium tier and all its features, the randomness of it somewhat dampens the excitement.

What’s interesting to note, however, is that many within the thread reported receiving these codes at least since 2022. So, keeping that in mind, it does bring into question Sony’s plan for randomly giving away half a month’s worth of subscriptions and why it continues to do so at random intervals to only a few people.


What Could Be the Reason Playstation Is Giving Out Their Subscriptions for Free?

An image showing both the digital and physical editions of the base PS5 along with the Dualsense controller.
Since the beginning of this generation, many people have become wary of PlayStation’s antics – Image Credit: PlayStation Website.

At the moment, PlayStation should be busy preparing for its upcoming appearance at the Tokyo Game Show 2024. So, what’s behind its secretive bout of generosity towards its community? Well, people already have a few theories in mind.

On the wilder side, some believe that the code itself is actually a trap, as PlayStation is looking to trap its more naive users when they aren’t looking into giving away a whole year’s payment the moment the 14-day period ends.

However, most have taken the more natural stance that it is simply a marketing tactic. By letting players sample some of the subscription’s premium features, PlayStation is likely banking on a few of them converting to full-time users. It’s a classic try-before-you-buy move for new people and a retry-and-come-back move for past users.


Whatever the case may be, at the end of the day, at least a few PlayStation folks get to walk away from this happier than before—with that said, what do you think of Sony’s stunt? Were you one of the lucky ones to receive a subscription? Let us know in the comments below.


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