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‘Where the Marvel fans at?’: Fans Troll MCU as James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water Merely Inches Away from Beating Avengers: Infinity War’s $2.05B Record

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The James Cameron film, Avatar: The Way of Water, is now at the threshold of two billion dollars at the box office. By the coming weekend, the film will most likely already be way past the point of breaking even, as the director now prepares to step up his game with the third arc of his five-part franchise. The exceptional quality that Avatar brings to the screens and its audience has time and again been judged by the powerful and gripping storytelling and visuals of its core plot – the fight against oppressors and the importance of family.

Given how both films have perfectly crafted a similar narrative without making it repetitive, and risen as critically successful projects in the end, the audience can only expect the director to make increasingly stunning films with bigger stakes and scarier threats once he steps into the franchise’s third act.

Avatar 2 brings the Metkayina to the center
Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

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James Cameron’s Avatar 2 Scales the Heights of Box Office

Somewhere along the path of creative storytelling and the business of filmmaking, the industry had turned itself into a gladiatorial arena where the narrators are pitted against each other and only the greatest survive in the end, only to face each other in battle. In the modern world of filmmaking, the arena is defined by Hollywood and the roles of gladiators have been taken up by studio juggernauts and directors. And according to the current dictum, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is going up against Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

James Cameron films underwater
Avatar 2: underwater filming

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The former has soared for five consecutive weeks at the box office, earning $38.5 million over the past weekend only in US sales. As of the time of this article’s publishing, the worldwide collection for Avatar: The Way of Water stands at a precarious $1.9 billion. At this rate, the estimated collection over the upcoming weekend will surpass the total box office earnings of Spider-Man: No Way Home next on the list ($1.92 billion) and inch closer to toppling Avengers: Infinity War which currently stands at $2.05 billion.

Avatar 2 currently stands as the 7th highest-grossing film of all time. In the meantime, James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) comfortably sits at the top of the all-time highest-earner chart with an overall collection of $2.92 billion after the 2022 re-release in China.

Avatar: The Way of Water - visual delicacy
Avatar: The Way of Water – a visual delicacy

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Fans Rally in Support of Avatar 2 Toppling Infinity War Next

The fandom has come out into the colosseum to witness the most epic box office tourney as Avatar: The Way of Water slashes its way to the top toppling Marvel films one by one like Jenga blocks. The record-breaking journey that was 13 years in the making is now within a reaching distance of the top five highest-earning films of all time. A simple push over the coming weekend ought to send it soaring into the place where the most glorious of stories reside.

As per reports, James Cameron had already finished the principal photography for Avatar 3 in 2017 alongside filming Avatar: The Way of Water. The commercial and critical progression of the sequel has now embedded the consequent third film on the conveyor belt of production, and the director is primed to initiate the filming of his immediate threequel as soon as the studio green lights the pre-production.

The third, fourth, and fifth Avatar films are scheduled to release on 20 December 2024, 18 December 2026, and 22 December 2028 respectively.

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