‘Where’s House of the Dragon?’: HBO Max Fails To Make it to 2022’s Top 15 Most Streamed Shows List, Netflix Dominates With 13 Wins

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Nielson released the names of 15 top streaming shows of 2022 like always fans are not satisfied with the results. The top three shows in the chart are Stranger Things with 52 billion minutes, followed by Ozark with 31.3 billion minutes, and Wednesday with 18.6 billion minutes streamed. Wednesday was released almost toward the end of the year even then it has been able to beat widely popular shows like The Boys and The Crown. The list also reflects Netflix’s success as a streaming service because most of the shows that made it to the top 15 are on Netflix. Some are also calling the results rigged.


Fans lose it as House of the Dragon did not make it to the top

House of the Dragon

Twitter is steaming with angry fans as HotD did not make it to the top 15 streamed shows of 2022. HBO released House of the Dragon with an episode released every week and soon the show picked up an audience. Many were Game of Thrones fans but its unique plot and color palette pulled new audiences. 

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Among those who were furious about the absence of HotD from the list, there are some who tried to reason. The list released by Nielson only takes into consideration the shows that are specific to streaming. HBO on the other hand is first a Cable network so House of the Dragon came on Cable first and then to streaming. Another reason why it did not make it to the list is that Nielson’s list only considers Original content, but some argued that Wednesday is also a spin-off like House of the Dragons.

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House Of the Dragon season 2 will come out in 2024

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon is based on George R. R. Martin’s book Fire and Blood set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. It majorly focuses on the civil war that led to the collapse of the Targaryen dynasty.  Season 1 ends with Aegon’s dragon usurping his cousin mid-air, it remains no secret that Aegon’s act will bring around the winds of war.

The co-creator and executive producer Ryan Condal told Variety that the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons will be continued in House of the Dragon Season 2. The series writer Sarah Hess informed Variety that season two will not disappoint. “We are currently writing the finale of Season 2, I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

House of Dragon Princess Rhaenyra

Season 2 was confirmed five days after the finale of Season 1, Ewan Mitchell who plays Prince Aemond Targaryen revealed that it will take some time before we get to see another season, he said, “We’re going to be shooting for eight months next year. We’re in the preparation phase of that now, which is why I’ve got my hair buzzed off, for the wig fittings.”


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The Chief Content Officer of HBO Casey Bloys hinted to Vulture about the release and production of House of the Dragon season 2.

“Don’t expect it in ’23, but I think sometime in ’24. We’re just starting to put the plan together, and just like last time, there are so many unknowns. It’s not to be coy or secretive, but you don’t want to say it’s going to be ready on this date, and then you have to move it.”

The CCO explained that with big-budget shoots the release automatically gets delayed. However, the story is almost over and the team will begin shooting by March 2023 in Spain. There is no official date but somewhere in 2024, we will be blessed with another season.


House of Dragon is streaming on Disney+

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