“Whether I do this or not, you should”: Julia Roberts Should Thank Richard Gere For Her $300 Million Worth Rom-com Movie After ‘Pretty Woman’ Fame

Julia Roberts Should Thank Richard Gere For Her $300 Million Worth Rom-com Movie After 'Pretty Woman' Fame

Pretty Woman was a remarkable movie for moviegoers thanks to Julia Roberts and Richard Gere’s chemistry. Even after 30 years, it still drives viewers crazy. Pretty Woman became an iconic movie. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to think that the two actors didn’t work together again for over ten years following Pretty Woman.

Pretty Woman (1990)
Pretty Woman (1990)

However, Gere later convinced Julia Roberts to work on another romantic comedy, which was adored for its innocent yet clumsy love tale. Naturally, their two characters also fall in love in this movie, and the performers’ connection is once again palpable.

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Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Reunited for the Second Time, The Chemistry Was the Same

Nearly ten years later, in 1999, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere collaborated once more on the romantic comedy Runaway Bride. Roberts portrayed a lady who became famous for leaving her husbands at the altar, and Gere portrayed a journalist who traveled to her small town to cover the story.

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When Gere read the Runaway Bride script, he immediately envisioned his former co-star. Gere stated to Entertainment Weekly,

It was submitted to me and it made me laugh — read straight through, which is rare. It did make me laugh out loud and [thought], this is Julia.” He recalled telling Roberts, “I don’t even know if I want this part but it’s perfect for you.”

Julia Roberts And Richard Gere
Julia Roberts And Richard Gere

Gere ended up convincing Roberts to do the movie with him. He shared with Entertainment Weekly:

Whether I do this or not, you should, because this is a great part.’ I could see her in it much more clearly than I could myself.

Their on- and off-screen coupling made people believe in love in both real and reel life. The film made $300 million at the box office.

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Julia Roberts Convinced Richard Gere To Be Her Co-Star in Her Most Iconic Movie Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts was able to convince Richard Gere to make history with their first movie together, Pretty Woman, which became iconic and enjoyed commercial success as well.

Julia Roberts And Richard Gere in pretty woman
Julia Roberts And Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s Jess Cagle, the actress admitted that she pleaded with Gere to take on the role of wealthy businessman Edward, her love interest in the movie.

I just said, ‘You have to do this movie … And I kind of pleaded with him in a very real way. Went out to dinner and had a great time and he changed all of our lives forever by agreeing to do this movie,” recalled the actress.

Pretty Woman made $460 million worldwide and saw Julia Roberts earn a 1991 Academy Awards Best Actress nomination for the role, as well as a Golden Globe win.

You can watch Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman on Disney.

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