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Which Female Superhero Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It’s clear that the superhero trend isn’t fading away soon, and that can be taken from The recent release of MCU’s Spider-Man Far From Home and DC’s Shazam! 

And all the movies that are about to be released both in Marvel as well as DC, it’s clear that the superheroes are going to stay for long.

So just imagine if your favorite female superheroes team-up with the stars.

Like for instance if you are born between August 24 and September 22 that means you are a Virgo and you have the powers of Wonder Woman.

Isn’t that cool, in particular from the celestial Sailor Moon to the straightforward talker Allison Hargreeves, we at Fandom Wire have matched some of the most powerful female superheroes from the entire galaxy to their identical zodiac sign.

Take a deep breath, trust your stars, and embrace your inner fighter, for your zodiac sign to choose your superhero.

1. Aquarius Superhero La Borinqueña:

People born from January 21 to February 20 have Aquarius as their Zodiac Sign.

These people are friendly, strong, and a bit mysterious, the female superhero they would get is La Borinqueña who has an alter ego named Marisol Rios, she was gifted superpowers by an ancient Tiano goddess, her powers include controlling the storm, flight, and superhuman strength.

2. Pisces Superhero Bubbles:

People Born from February 19 to March 20 have Pisces as their zodiac sign.

These people are generous, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, and always ready to protect their loved once.

Their female superhero would be Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. Her superpowers include heat-vision, super-strength, super-speed, she is also indestructible and along with this has flying abilities.

3. Aries Superhero Jean Grey:

People born between March 21 to April 19 have Aries as their superhero. These people are confident leaders, passionate in their work, and are highly motivated.

Their female superhero counterpart is Jean Grey, her powers include telepathy and telekinesis and have also possessed the cosmic Phoenix Force inside her body.

4. Taurus Superhero Toph Beifong:

People born from April 20 to May 20 have the Zodiac sign Taurus.

These people are stubborn in nature and are ambitious towards their goals, and are adored by people because of their beauty.

They also are practical, stoic, and determined in life.

Their female superhero would be Toph Beifong: The Last Airbender a person with her powers can combine metals to make, weapons and armors.

5. Gemini Superhero Scarlet Witch:

People born between May 22 to June 22 have Gemini as their zodiac sign.

These people are intelligent, adaptable, and outgoing along with that they also are a-bit nosy unsettled and reckless in nature.

Female superhero fit for them is Scarlet Witch. She has the ability to alter reality and can cast chaos magic.

6. Cancer Superhero Sailor Moon:

People Born from June 21 to July 22 fall under Cancer.

These people are loyal towards everyone, have a protective nature, being instinctive in nature along with being kind-hearted.

But they are a bit moody and are overly sensitive upon everything.

Their female superhero counterpart is Sailor Moon from the manga superhero series.

Her powers include energy blasts, Teleportation and can heal herself by her silver crystal.

7. Leo Superhero Buffy Summers:

People born from 22 July to 22 August fall under this zodiac sign.

These people are natural-born leaders and her fearless in life, they are loyal towards everyone they loved and are consistent in nature.

A female superhero that has the same trait is Buffy Summers.

A young woman gifted with powers like supernatural strength and superhuman sense  along with being clever and super-speed.

8. Virgo Superpowers Wonder Woman:

People born between August 22 to September 22 have Virgo as their zodiac sign.

Virgo people are well organized, real, and are intelligent with their approach towards their life.

People with this zodiac sign have the trait of Wonder Woman.

Wonder woman’s power and abilities include super strength and toughness along with the power of flying, super speed, with super sharpness and magnified senses.

9. Libra Superhero Storm:

People how have Libra as their zodiac sign are born between September 23 to October 22.

Libra people love money and beauty. These people cherish costly and good art and show high intelligence.

A female superhero that has the same trait is Storm.

Storm has the ability to control weather without any limits and is the descendant of the African priestesses.

10. Scorpio Superhero Raven:

Scorpio’s are generally born between October 23—-November 22.

Scorpio’s zodiac sign people have got “layers” they are generally emotional fools, insightful and extraordinary in nature.

Female Superhero related to this is Raven.

Her abilities include levitation, and she is a human- demon and also has the power of teleportation along with the ability to control her-soul-self.

11. Sagittarius Superhero Kamala Khan:

People born from November 21 – December 21 fall under Sagittarius.

These people are loyal towards people they love, they are experienced, are liberated in life, are unique, and are kind to others.

A superhero that has the traits of Sagittarius is Kamala Khan also known as Ms. Marvel.

She is the first  Muslim character of the Marvel universe, Kamala’s power is to extend her limbs, alter her ego on her will, and can shapeshift in other several manners.

12. Capricorn Superhero Allison Hargreeves:

People born December 21 to January 21 and the following year till February 16 have Capricorn as their zodiac sign.

These people are determined, categorized, goal-oriented, and are experimental in life.

The female superhero that fits in this trait is Allison Hargreeves.

Allison is a member of the Umbrella Academy and has the ability to bend the whole world at her will just by opening her mouth, she also has super strength and super speed.


Source: Marilyn La Jeunesse

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