Which MCU Project is Perfect for the Punisher Debut

Variety recently broke the news that a Daredevil remake is in the works for Disney+. Meanwhile, the reintroduction of Daredevil/Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home was a clear indication that Marvel was still not finished with the Man Without Fear. It’s unclear how Murdock will fit in MCU, but his return opens the door for many characters, including The Punisher. Now that Daredevil is reported to be returning to Disney+, could crowd favorite Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, also continue in his footsteps?

The Punisher in Marvel Comics:

The punisher from the comics.
The punisher from the comics.

The Punisher has earned recognition as Marvel’s worst and most vicious villain after his introduction in Amazing Spider-Man #129. He is a street rogue who captures the attention of Marvel’s vigilante community because of his continual desire to murder and his conviction that no crime can be forgiven. Punisher has had countless standalone adventures, with his mythos continuously being updated and examined through multiple perspectives, proving to be immensely popular for a Spider-Man villain. Punisher is among Marvel’s most interesting characters, thanks to his fantastic backstory, divisive techniques, and several notable performances.

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The Punisher in the Netflix series:

Marvel's 2017 TV program: the Punisher.
Marvel’s 2017 TV program: the Punisher.

Frank Castle first appeared in Season 2 of Daredevil. His fury against gangs and illegal enterprises is private: his family was hit by a stray bullet from a gang war, and he was shot in the brain and declared legally dead for a period. Jon Bernthal’s flawless acting as the emotionally distraught yet extremely protective, no-nonsense vigilante helped Castle become a fan favorite even before his spin-off, The Punisher, was revealed.

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Frank discovers a link between the unlawful Operation Cerberus, a military force from his time in the Marines. In Season 2, Castle reprised his position as the Punisher to protect Amy Bendix, a little girl who managed to elude the killers who murdered her family. Despite debating whether or not to devote his existence to becoming the Punisher during Season 2, Castle’s narrative concedes with the rogue hero continuing to protect the victims.

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Which MCU project does Punisher fit into?

Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle in the Punisher.
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle.

Since Castle was still the Punisher in Season 2, a revived series may reveal what he’s been up to. Because the Daredevil remake is expected to be six episodes long, Castle’s role may be limited to a cameo. To allow Castle room for his own narrative, The Punisher would have to return to his own program. In addition, Castle and Marc Spector have previously collaborated in the comics. It would be a smooth blend if they were shown as Marine pals who knew each other during Operation Cerberus. If not Moon Knight Season 2, a Midnight Sons short series may be the setting for their reunion.

Doctor Strange/The Punisher: Magic Bullets is ready to take in terms of comic storylines that may be developed. Magic Bullets’ one-off nature is ideal for a miniseries production, and it brings together two mismatched heroes. This will be a quest that combines locally organized crime threats with inter-dimensional interference. With the reappearance of Matt Murdock in Daredevil, Frank Castle may have a chance to redeem himself. Bernthal also promised the audience that if the narrative proved compelling, he would return to Castle.

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