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While Disney and Warner Brothers Remain Embroiled in Red Tape and Bureaucracy, Universal Pictures Becomes 2022’s Clear Winner With More Than $3 Billion in Box Office Revenue

Major movie production companies like Universal Pictures, Disney, and Warner Bros. have earned their fare share of success in the global box office with a string of movies and TV shows that have performed spectacularly in theaters around the world, but there’s always one company that ups the others, and the structuring of that company plays a huge part in it.

Disney’s strict bureaucratic structure and planning model has caused problems for the company in the decision-making areas, effectively causing said decision-making to be slow. Warner Bros. is struggling with own red tape struggles with movies that it wants to release. Universal Pictures, on the other hand, has been upped their game ever since 2019 when it passed Disney in the global box office, and it has made a new mark in that area yet again.

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So To What Do They Owe This Success?

Universal Pictures has had a wide range of successful releases in the global box office this year, and they’re from different genres too! The movie studio is the first to pass the $3 billion mark in global box office ever since 2019, an astounding achievement.

Universal Pictures FandomWire
Jurassic World Dominion, Universal’s most successful movies this year

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To start it off, Jurassic World Dominion has earned a whopping $974.5 million in global box office sales, being the second-highest grossing movie of the year worldwide. Minions:The Rise of Gru, which was also kind of a meme (Gentleminions meme) before its release, also grossed an amazing $790.4 million to date.

Following the two top dogs in the list is The Bad Guys, with an impressive $246.8 million earnings, followed by The Black Phone at $152.7 million earnings. It is safe to say that these movies, along with the other projects not included on this list, have contributed to Universal Pictures’ overall success at the global box office.

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In Other News, Universal Has Announced That Po Will Be Back!

The Kung Fu Panda movies are one to remember for the ages. The comedy and action animated movie franchise will be adding a new project as the follow-up to Kung Fu Panda 3, Po’s finally back!

Po from the Kung Fu Panda series

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The first movie in the franchise was DreamWorks’ highest grossing original animated feature back in 2008, and it aims to achieve the same success next year.

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