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While Kevin Feige Consolidates Marvel Properties, Beloved Marvel Franchise is Leaving MCU for Hulu

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The usual pick for a favorite character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least for almost 90% of the world’s population, would be Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, or Spider-Man. But the vast array of characters in the MCU means fans get to choose from a LOT of characters, one such character is Hit-Monkey who is one of Marvel’s best-kept secrets.

But the character now has a TV series of its own on Hulu, and that’s only gone on to launch Hit-Monkey into the mainstream. Hit-Monkey was released in 2021 to a warm critical reception from many websites, only makes sense that it got renewed for a second season, but there’s also a very significant departure happening.

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Hit-Monkey Is Getting A Second Season Plus It’s Leaving Marvel

It’s been a wild ride for creators of the Hit-Monkey character Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic ever since the character based on a Japanese macaque made his debut in 2010 on a comic of its own. The character has gone on to cultivate a niche fanbase of its own amongst the popular Tony Stark and Peter Parker fan clubs as well.

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When it was announced in 2019 that Marvel’s Hit-Monkey would be getting a standalone TV series of its own on Hulu, there wasn’t much excitement but the fanbase it had cultivated definitely watched it.

A 10-episode-long first season of the same name as the character debuted on Hulu on November 17, 2021, and it was met with an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes despite websites like Metacritic giving it mixed reviews.

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Regardless, the Jason Sudeikis and Fred Tatasciore starring TV series ended up doing pretty well among the Marvel fanbase as well, earning a successful second season of its own. But the good news also comes with the bad news- the series will no longer brand itself under the name of Marvel anymore, signifying a move away from the company.

But at least fans can be thankful for a second season of the TV series based on the character, which is dropping its name because of a shift in studios to 20th Television Animation from Marvel TV- the latter is no longer in existence after folding into Kevin Feige‘s Marvel Studios in 2019.

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Hit-Monkey’s Departure From Marvel Brings In Mixed Reactions From Fans

It’s quite hard to let go of a character in your ambit that fans also believe has a lot of potential, which is why questions are being raised about the departure of the Hit-Monkey TV series from the Marvel brand name.

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This sudden news has brought in a lot of mixed reception from fans who are pretty confused about the whole ordeal despite the information about the TV series’ original studios merging with Marvel Studios in 2019 being out there. But here’s how Marvel fans on Twitter took in the news-

An analogy-

At least we’re getting a second season-

Sums it up-

Content is the call of the hour-

Fair point-

All fans should worry about now is whether or not the second season will build upon the shortcomings of the first season or not rather than worry about if a big production studio is tagged to Hit-Monkey‘s name or not.

Hit-Monkey is currently available for streaming on Hulu.

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