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While Will Smith Faces Permanent SNL Ban, Saturday Night Live Hires Controversial Comedian Dave Chappelle as Host With Black Star as Musical Guest

Will Smith Faces Permanent SNL Ban Dave Chappelle

There are always two ways in which a celebrity’s remarks or actions can play out in the real world. Either you get the short end of the stick by getting canceled like Will Smith’s Oscars slap incident, or you eventually make your way back into normalcy like Dave Chappelle.

Both Chappelle and Smith have put out their controversial remarks, and actions, into the spotlight by doing it all in front of the camera recording the content that eventually reaches anyone on the internet. But as it stands, Smith is still facing the repercussion of his actions, while Chappelle on the other hand is enjoying a fresh return to one of his oldest stints.

Dave Chappelle FandomWire
Dave Chappelle

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Dave Chappelle Set To Return And Host Saturday Night Live

Dave Chappelle will be making his much-awaited return as a host for Saturday Night Live after having last hosted the variety show back on November 7, 2020.

He’s kind of been off the scene for quite a while ever since his remarks about the gay & transgender community, specifically transgender women, in his sixth Netflix special The Closer for which he went viral and attracted a lot of negative attention from the internet.

Dave Chappelle FandomWire
Dave Chappelle

Reactions erupted at the 49-year-old comic’s jokes, with most saying that they were transphobic, a sentiment that even the students from his alma mater Duke Ellington School shared. This was further followed by a walkout from Netflix employees as a demonstration of support for the transgender community.

The demands included the removal of the Netflix special, but CEO Ted Sarandos didn’t allow it, stating that he “does not believe it falls into hate speech.”

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With all that put behind him, the repercussions still haunt the comedian. In July 2022, Dave Chappelle was slated for a performance at the First Avenue in Minneapolis but it never saw the light of day after transgender rights protests forced the cancellation of the show.

However, regardless of all that happened, Saturday Night Live has taken a bold PR-defying step by hiring the Blue Streak actor to host the variety show. He will be joined by the hip-hop duo Black Star as musical guests.

How this will play out, only time will tell given the controversy surrounding the comedian still fresh in the minds of people.

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Dave Chappelle’s SNL Return Does Not Sit Well With Fans

As expected by many, Dave Chappelle had put himself in a bad position after approving the airing of The Closer last year. Those remarks about the transgender and gay community are still ringing in the ears of the internet.

Dave Chappelle FandomWire
Dave Chappelle

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The ‘canceled’ tag put on the Chappelle’s Show star has still not been removed. So it’s a bit out of the blue, and honestly, a pretty bad PR move for Saturday Night Live to even rehire the comic as their host after all that has transpired since last year.

Fans are reasonably upset that Chappelle will make his return, and they’re making sure their disappointment is acknowledged-

A glaring question-

This user will pass –

This fan is signing out! –

They forgot to consider that-

This fan is shocked-

It seems that despite popular opinion going way against Dave Chappelle’s involvement in almost anything, he’ll still be getting gigs regardless of all the backlash that’s bound to come with it.

Source: Deadline

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