“Who are you afraid of?”: Will Ferrell Confused Kevin Hart With His Paranoid Suspicions, Thought Someone Was Out To Get Him

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Will Ferrell Confused Kevin Hart With His Paranoid Suspicions, Thought Someone Was Out To Get Him

Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are two of the most popular comedians of our time. As such, a lot of fans got excited when the pair decided to join hands for the movie Get Hard.

The 2015 comedy saw Ferrell play James King, a very rich hedge-fund manager who gets convicted of fraud and sentenced. When given a month to get his affairs in order by the judge, James decides to look for help from Kevin Hart’s Darnell Lewis – a black businessman.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in Get Hard.
Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in Get Hard.

Throughout the movie, we see two out-of-place individuals teach each other things they know nothing about. The movie didn’t manage to impress the critics, but fans loved the chemistry between the two comedic geniuses. And it appears encounters between the two were equally hilarious behind the scenes.

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Kevin Hart Couldn’t Understand Why Will Ferrell Was Afraid of Changing His Phone

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell‘s impressive performances meant despite underwhelming scores from critics, the movie grossed $111.8 million in worldwide collection, a reasonable figure for a comedy flick.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart.

One of the reasons behind Get Hard’s failure to impress the more sensitive moviegoers was its weak storytelling. Incidentally, storytelling has been Hart’s best trait throughout his career as a stand-up comedian. While fellow stand-up artist Dave Chappelle is mostly popular for his observational skills onstage and Jim Carrey garners plaudits with his energetic slapstick performances, Hart is best at giving an account of certain incidents or encounters in his humorous way.

During his interview with Conan O’Brien on the late-night talk show Conan, who’s famous for his silly but extremely well-timed takes, Hart talked about his exchange with Ferrell concerning the senior actor’s paranoid attitude regarding his phone. The Central Intelligence star quipped:

“He has the first Blackberry ever made. The first Blackberry. I’m not talking about a newer Blackberry. The first one and it’s like taped up. He’s like, ‘They’ll never get me.’ I was like, ‘Who are you afraid of?'”

In the same interview, Hart praised his co-star for being down to earth but didn’t fail to remark that the Barbie star, who’s one of the richest comedians in Hollywood, is cheap as hell behind in daily life. Going by Hart’s comments, it seems Ferrell not changing his Blackberry has more to do with money than being paranoid.

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Kevin Hart’s Get Hard Co-star Will Ferrell Gives Update About His Old Phone

Hart talked about Ferrell’s exaggerated love for his Blackberry in 2015. As such when the duo reunited in 2023 for the former’s chat show titled, Hart to Heartevery Hart-Ferrell fan wanted to know what was going on with the famous phone.

Will Ferrell's leaked scene from Barbie (2023).
Will Ferrell.

“You still got your Blackberry?” The About Last Night star quizzed, with Ferrell replying, “I wish. It crumbled to dust.”

Having said that, the Elf actor made sure to reminisce about the phone with a nostalgic sigh, adding that he misses the textured keyboard and just the sensation of using it. Never change, Ferrell!

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