Who could play Superman in the DCEU?

Henry Cavill’s time as Superman in the blue suit and red cape appears to be over. While the beginnings of DC’s extended universe were lacking, it wasn’t really the English actor’s fault. He was charming and heroic when given the right material but the script and direction weren’t quite there. Either way, with Cavill’s leaving, we can assume the same goes for much of Superman’s supporting characters.

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With Robert Pattison set to debut as Batman in an alternate universe and rumours abound of an Abrams Superman film in that new world, that leaves the Justice League of the DCEU without two of the core members. So who could fill in for the Man of Steel’s line-up? This post’s author offer’s his humble suggestions for some DCEU recasting…

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Sam Claflin – Superman

You likely recognize this English actor from the Hunger Games series. There, he demonstrated both his abilities with action scenes and with an American accent. The man has a great smile for Superman and, to this writer’s eye, holds a slight resemblance to Henry Cavill. It also looks like he’s willing to hit the gym for his roles. Claflin seems to enjoy working on novel adaptations, but a comic book one may be a potential avenue to explore his range.

Ellen Page – Lois Lane

Page would be yet another performer to make a transfer between Marvel and DC. In the X-Men series, she played the mutant Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat. While this was a younger character, she was portrayed as a no-nonsense heroine. Apply this attitude to a news reporter instead of a superhero and Lois Lane immediately comes to mind. Page worked with Christopher Nolan on Inception and Nolan’s relationship with Zack Snyder could be a way in for the Canadian actress.

Billy Zane – Lex Luthor

We go from stars building their careers to one who might appreciate a comeback. Billy Zane is most famous for playing the snobbish and bitter Cal Hockley in James Cameron’s Titanic. Think back to when he chased down Jack and Rose with a pistol while the ship sank; or when he used a child as a prop to get onto a lifeboat. These two acts are definitely in line with the maniacal and genius sides of Luthor’s evil. Replace his jealousy of Jack with that of Superman’s power and this Lex is already leagues above Jesse Eisenberg’s incarnation.

Who do you think should replace Henry Cavill as Superman? Could Jimmy Olsen get more than just a cameo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by Kenneth Walker

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