“Who dyed his hair — Stevie Wonder?”: Liam Neeson, Who Was a Boxer in His Youth, Trolled Steven Seagal after He Said ‘Taken’ Star Can’t Throw a Punch

"Who dyed his hair — Stevie Wonder?": Liam Neeson, Who Was a Boxer in His Youth, Trolled Steven Seagal after He Said 'Taken' Star Can't Throw a Punch
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Steven Seagal is not as popular amongst celebrities as a good person and that includes Liam Neeson. Seagal has been a controversial actor for a very long time due to the allegations against him and the relationship he shares with Vladimir Putin. While he may no longer be a fan favorite, celebrities too have said some very concerning things about the actor.

Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal

The entire experience while working with the actor has not been as pleasant for various actors. Whether it is for assault or violence, there has been a lot of questionable news about him that has put the actor on the spot. Neeson also had an issue with the actor and a remark he made that did not sit well with the Taken star.

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Liam Neeson Can Pack A Punch

Liam Neeson is an actor who is perhaps best known for his action roles that have all been turned into iconic characters thanks to him. Whether it is Taken or any other movie, he always manages to stand out in the best possible way. However, if there was one actor who he did not like as much, it would be Steven Seagal.

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

“I want to know who dyed his hair — Stevie Wonder?”

Seagal had once commented on Neeson’s ability to punch and how he perhaps could not do so. This really came as a shock to the actor as Neeson had been a boxer when he was younger. The actor also decided to take a shot at Steven Seagal and referred to his hair. More so, he confirmed that he could indeed pack a punch worth being feared. He was more so not pleased by the question and how Seagal had replied to it. However, he took it as a champ and concurred about how Seagal gets his hair dyed.

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Pamela Anderson Refused To Work With Steven Seagal

Pamela Anderson revealed that she was one of the many actresses who had tried auditioning for Under Seige. She was also keen on getting the role but later realized that it was not worth it purely because of one situation.

Pamela Anderson (as photgraphed in 1995)
Pamela Anderson (as photographed in 1995)

“You need to have that Spidey sense or whatever it is that this is not right,” the actress continued. “When someone answers the door in a bathrobe, don’t go in that room.”

The actress revealed that Seagal had allegedly asked her for s*xual favors in exchange for the role in the movie. He even remarked about how if she won’t participate then some other actress would and instead that other actress would get the role. This made Anderson realize that working with him was not going to be on her list anytime soon.

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