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Who Embodied A Better Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo Or Edward Norton?


We all know that the Hulk is an important character of the Marvel comics. Created by Stan lee and Jack Kirby is a big green colour monster and the alter ego of scientist Bruce banner. Hulk made his first appearance in The Incredible Hulk comics issue no. 1 in May 1962. He has also been an important part of The Marvel Cinematic Universe played by two different actors i.e. Edward Norton as well as Mark Ruffalo. Though the history of how Hulk was created is same for both Edward and Mark, as it was in the comics. When scientist Bruce Banner is doing an experiment on the gamma radiation, an accident occurs making Bruce exposed to the gamma radiation making a side effect on Bruce, indulging him to become a superhero aka The Hulk. So when director Louis Leterrier decided to take Hulk on Big screen he approached Edward Norton for the Role of The Incredible Hulk. But when director Joss Whedon decided to direct the Avengers movie on the Big screen he choose Mark Ruffalo to be Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. So today at Fandom Wire we are going to do a comparison between Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton’s Hulk as to who among them was able to incorporate The Hulk properly and was able to win the hearts of Fans. What do you think on this let us know in the comments section…

#1 Edward Norton’s Hulk was named as MCU’s weakest movie:

#2 Mark Ruffalo Portrayed the Hulk way more better:

#3 Norton’s Banner was a Better Banner:

#4 Ruffalo’s Banner felt like “A Scientist”:

#5 Norton’s Banner didn’t felt like a scientist:

#6 Mark’s Portrayal as Professor Hulk was Marvellous:

#7 Edward’s Hulk wound’t look good as Professor Hulk:

#8 Ruffalo’s Hulk was more jacked than Edward’s Hulk:

#9 Ruffalo’s Hulk CGI was way more better Than Edward’s:

#10 Ruffalo’s Portayl as Banner was Better:


Source: Animated Times




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