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Who Is A Better Tactical Genius: Captain America Or Batman?

Who Is A Better Tactical Genius Captain America Or Batman
Marvel Vs. DC
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Marvel vs Dc is a never-ending conflict but we both know that both of them have given us amazing superheroes. All the Marvel and DC fans want their favorite characters to involve in combat to see who will win and which has more powers. Captain America is a marvel character whereas Batman is a DC character. Both the characters have gained immense popularity. One of the biggest battles from the entire crossover series was between Captain America versus Batman. During the third issue of the Marvel and DC crossover, Captain America and Batman fought in the sewers of Manhattan. The battle was epic and Captain America himself declared Batman as the winner.  He was knocked by the water that came through the sewer vent and threw his shield towards batman but end up missing it. In the end, Batman ends up rescuing Captain America from drowning. Let’s talk about who is better tactical genius: Marvel’s Captain America or DC’s Batman.

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Better Tactical Genius

Both Captain America and Batman are amazing Tacticians and great Tactical commanders. Even though Captain America has military experience and is also considered a great leader, he was defeated by Batman in the first battle between both of them. Captain America has good knowledge of military doctrine, strategy, and history. he also trained his friends and allies and developed them into a compatible and effective team. Whereas Batman doesn’t work in a team. he likes to work alone. He has never been a team player. Even without being in a team, Batman has won so many fights alone. He knocked out the Guy garner in just one punch. He defeated the cat women even when he was being gentle. There are many more battles that are won by Batman just by himself.

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It’s difficult to say which one is better tactical genius because both are distinctive in their ways. Captain America is a field leader who is better with teamwork and inspires other people just by showing up. Batman is more self-centered but is excellent with his strategies. Just like Marvel vs DC, fans will not settle with one answer on Captain America vs Batman. Comment down below who do you think is better Tactician for you Batman or Captain America.

Written by Ramya Khera