Who is Dwayne Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian?

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Lauren Hashian and her husband Dwayne Johnson have been a hot topic for the media for a while now. The couple got married in August 2019 and held the ceremony in Hawaii. The two have been in the talks for a while now with Johnson’s upcoming film, Black Adam putting more focus on the actor. While talking about his accomplishments, it is only awe-inspiring to see the two lovebirds on the red carpet and even more so talking about each other.


The singer and the actor both have been together for over 15 years, inspiring couples all over the world to how love can be found in the easiest of coincidences.

When Did Dwayne Johnson Meet His Wife?

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian first met on the set of The Game Plan over fifteen years ago in 2006. They then started dating in 2007 and have since then been together, finally tying the knot in 2019. The actor who had previously been married to Dany Garcia states that he finds himself absolutely fortunate to have found Hashian.


Three years before they got married, the pair welcomed their first daughter, and two years after that, they brought their second daughter into the world. The two, ever since making their first public appearance, have always shown little glimpses of their love and spread their paradisical life.

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Who is Lauren Hashian?

Hashian is a music producer, as well as a singer who aspires to someday, do multiple collaborations with her husband. She also composes music and comes from a family of musicians, as her father too happens to be a drummer. Hashian’s parents, Sib and Suzanne Hashian raised her with her siblings, sister Aja and her brother Adam in Massachusetts. Her dad was a drummer and had his practice room next to her bedroom, which according to her may have been a huge influence.


Several years later, Lauren Hashian attended Emerson College in Boston and found success in music. She even won a talent contest.
Although she chooses to focus more on her family and her children, the singer/composer’s music career is still very much on the swings. Her net worth happens to be about $5 Million as of 2021. Her debut came out in 2012 and her first successful single came out in 2017, titled Go Hard.
She was super close to her dad, and was devastated when he passed away mid-performance in his late 60’s. Johnson later wrote a touching and heartfelt tribute to him and acknowledged him as a father figure.

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More About Lauren Hashian, Dwayne Johnson, And Their Children

Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson welcomed their first daughter in 2015 and named her Jasmine Lia Johnson. In 2018, their second daughter, Tiana Gia Johnson was born.


Apart from Hashian’s own children, the singer also has a step-daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, who was born in 2001 to Johnson’s first wife, Dany Garcia. She, following her father’s footsteps, made her debut as a wrestler on July 2022.

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