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Who is the Blue Hulk?


Bruce Banner has been the Hulk for many years now. There have also been several iterations of the Hulk. Some of the most famous include the War-Hulk, Doc Green and the World Breaker Hulk. We’ve even now seen Professor Hulk onscreen in Avengers: Endgame. But one of the least talked about versions of the Hulk is Blue Hulk.

Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk

Back in 2006, a five-part comic series called Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk was released. It was written by Jay Faerber and Carlos Magno and briefly bonded the Hulk with the Uni-Power. The Uni-Power is essentially a sentient manifestation of the Universe itself. Whenever it bonds with another being, that being earns the title of Captain Universe.

No stranger to our Marvel heroes, the Uni-Power has also bonded with heroes such as Spider-Man, Daredevil and Doctor Strange.

Property of Marvel Comics

In this comic series, Bruce Banner is attempting to isolate himself in a frozen wasteland. However, after getting caught in a hunter’s bear trap, Banner ‘hulks’ out. It is at this point the Uni-Power bonds with Banner and the Hulk. It seeks out beings in need – people who are unaware of the great power and responsibility they possess.

This time, however, is slightly different. The Uni-Power is also in need of help.

Doctor Wiles

Doctor Gilbert Wiles is a New York scientist who specialises in learning about the Uni-Power. The main reason for this is he was once its host and was granted its unbelievable abilities. The Uni-Power’s benevolence has caused Wiles to devote his life to benefiting humanity.

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The Uni-Power needs Wiles’ expertise to help. It manages to convince Banner and Hulk to head back to civilisation in order to seek out the doctor. However, Wiles works for A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and the company is full of people seeking the Uni-Power for nefarious purposes.

Upon arrival, Banner is greeted with robotic minions intent on capturing him.

Blue is the Strongest Colour

The Hulk comes to the rescue and begins to fight off the robots. However, he begins to be overcome and Doctor Wiles leaps in to help. He boosts the capacity of the Uni-Power, causing the Hulk to grow even stronger and turn a blue colour.

In effect, the Hulk has now become a completely cosmic-powered entity.

Property of Marvel Comics

Now, the minions of A.I.M are no match for Cosmic Hulk and it’s not long before he’s out of danger. Shortly after, the Uni-Power moves on to its next host.

Even though a bunch of robots aren’t exactly the Hulk’s greatest weakness, the mere fact the Uni-Power managed to push the Hulk’s powers beyond their usual reality into something the Hulk has never experienced before is a terrifying prospect.

Written by Oliver Swift

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