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25 Best Anthony Mackie Tweets

25 Best Anthony Mackie Tweets

Anthony Mackie from the Marvel cinemas is one of the actors, who remains low key on all social media platforms. However, Mackie does not shy away from tweeting witty and hilarious one liners or pictures on Twitter. Mackie is behind some of the funniest and the most relatable tweets.

25 Best Anthony Mackie Tweets
Anthony Mackie will make you smile with his tweets

That is one of the many reasons why people over the internet are obsessing over him. Here we have 25 wholesome tweets he made, which will definitely get you going.

1. When he got a little too excited about the first day working as the Falcon

The tweet is bound to make everyone smile because this was the beginning of a beautiful journey. We have all been a part of it and we’re all proud of it.

2. When Anthony Mackie showed what 16000 feet and 400mph looks like

We all know that Mackie is a true badass. He clicked pictures from 16000 feet above the ground while flying at 400 mph for his fans to see. No wonder everyone is obsessed with him.

3. When he posted a picture with young military boys and Sebastian Stan

In 2014, people were going crazy about the Falcon and the Marvel universe and that’s when Sebastian Stan and Mackie met these military boys. Mackie posted a picture with them and they obviously seem overjoyed.

4. When he inspired millions through his tweets

Mackie is influential among the youth today, which is why when he posted this picture and celebrated his dreams, he inspired millions of fans.

5. When Anthony Mackie trolled Tom Holland

Mackie found a prop or say, an opportunity to troll Tom Holland on the internet and he happily took it. The picture drove the fans crazy and almost 60 thousand people liked his tweet.

6. When he posted a picture with Lou Ferrigno

This tweet was so very hilarious. Mackie is posing next to Lou and is clearly having a fanboy moment. Although, he is proud and happy, he also curses Lou for having bigger arms than him.

7. Anthony Mackie and the coolest tree on Twitter

This has to be the most random thing Mackie did. He posted the picture of a tree and captioned it saying that it was the coolest tree in the city. We all agree because the carvings in the picture prove it all.

8. When he tagged Chris Evans and said nothing

Mackie tweeted with nothing but Chris Evans mention and that was cryptic. The fans, the followers have no idea what this was about. The mysterious tweet is just too good to not be noticed.

9. When he obsessed over himself on twitter

Mackie tweeted a picture of himself with the most enthralling caption ever. He admitted to being his biggest fan ever. It is pretty evident that he will go to any lengths to celebrate himself.

10. When he impressed us with his taste in music

Although Mackie is known as a wonderful actor, he does not shy away from celebrating his passion and love for music. So, when he tweeted this, he impressed all his fans with his choice in music.

11. When Seth Rogen scared him on the sets

Seth Rogens scared him on the sets of a movie they were shooting together. As a response to that, Mackie called him out on his Twitter account.

12. When he said this was the only name that he would respond to

Mackie joked about the name that he would like being called by. He did it with a picture explaining why he wants the name. The goofy picture melts everyone’s hearts and makes this so wholesome.

13. When he was just another average person

Most of us love to tweet or post our food pictures on social media. However, not many celebrities do that. Mackie posted pictures of food just like the rest of us and won our hearts.

14. When he posed next to the little Falcon

Mackie is loved by all the fans for a reason and the reason is how he treats his fan. No wonder, he looks like a fan of the little Falcon rather than it being the other way around.

15. When he posted a sweet take care message for us

What makes his account so lovable is that it is so relatable. It is one of those accounts you could have because it is all about simple things. Mackie celebrates all little things on his feed.

16. When Anthony Mackie had a fan moment

Fans watching celebrities be fans of each other will never not be wholesome. It drives people crazy when actors obsess over other actors so openly.

17. When he was so happy about his figurine

The Falcon had a field day when he finally got his own figurine. Mackie is one of the most adorable celebrities on the internet. He makes it a point to celebrate and enjoy all little things that make him happy.

18. When his selfie with Evans broke the internet

Around 19 thousand people liked and as far as I know, loved his selfie with Chris Evans. Anthony looks like a fan again but we are all aware of their amazing friendship. All thanks to a cryptic message Anthony tweeted for Chris.

19. When Anthony Mackie went from Evans to Pine

Anthony tweeted his picture with Chris Pine with yet another hilarious caption. He called Chris too tall and called it a fan shot. Anthony is so relatable to almost each one of us.

20. When he spread awareness regarding male breast cancer

While most of the times, we see Mackie being an absolute fan of people and things, this one time he spoke up about the male breast cancer. So, he posted a picture of his nipple and tried creating awareness.

21. When Anthony Mackie was so happy about Falcon Funko Pop

The Falcon got his own Falcon Funko Pop and the happiness was over the roof. We all saw Mackie get excited over a toy. Although it was just a toy, his excitement gave us all butterflies.

22. When he thought chips gave him superpowers

Mackie is hilarious and we know because he tweeted about some random chips giving him superpowers. Although we know the chips did not do anything like that, it was hard not to become a part of the joke and enjoy it.

23. When he dropped a photo with Don Cheadle, John Boyega, and Chadwick Boseman 

Mackie posted a picture from D23. So, the picture had him along with Don Cheadle, John Boyega, and the late actor, Chadwick Boseman. The photo became a sensation and gained almost 29 thousand likes.

24. When he posted a photo with Sebastian

Who doesn’t like the Falcon and the Winter Soldier together? We do, we all do. Although this wasn’t the big screen, the photograph melted 110 thousand hearts and became irresistible.

25. Finally, when Anthony Mackie accepted his crown

The most beautiful moment of all times was when he just knew he had achieved something great. The picture and the caption just made so much sense together. The fans, the followers and Mackie himself celebrated his journey.

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