Who’s The Better Video Game Badass: Kratos Or Masterchief?


Let’s end the debate once and for all. Who’s the better video game badass – Halo’s Masterchief or God of War’s Kratos? Which video game badass is better than the other?

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Kratos: Literally Fights Gods Like It’s A Thursday Afternoon

God Of War 3

When someone says you are about to face a God in combat, you either cower in fear or try to look for a way out. Kratos just smiles. From Hercules to Hades, Zeus, and Ares, this guy here has fought them all. The skills to fight Gods and monsters, entities that can decimate mountains and level cities in seconds, comes naturally to him. This video game badass is the very definition of confidence.


Masterchief: Singlehandedly Took Down An Alien Armada All Of Humanity Couldn’t

H5 ConceptArt JohnHoldsBackTheHordes

The Covenant had technology that far surpassed anything humanity had to offer. Humanity was destined to lose. Mankind had accepted its fate. Fortunately, Masterchief hadn’t. He kept pushing and pushing until there was hope. Every time, this video game badass was pushed into a corner, he found a way and made the most of it. He kept doing it till the Covenant could no longer keep up with ‘The Demon’ and eventually broke apart, leading to humanity’s eventual victory.

Kratos: He Then Switched Mythologies, Becoming A Terror To The Norse Pantheon

Kratos and Thor 1
God Of war (2018)

The Greek Mythology has so many Gods and Monsters. Kratos fought them all, eventually defeating each and every entity until there was no one worthy left. So Kratos switched careers. Now living in a frozen wasteland, Kratos unluckily found himself in the cross hairs of the Norse Gods. Did he back down? No!! He fought the biggest, baddest, and meanest of the Norse Pantheon till the one who sits on the throne was forced to take notice. Thor had to literally descend from Asgard to face Kratos in battle. Imagine a video game badass like Kratos just consuming one Pantheon after another like popcorn.


Masterchief: He Was A Legend Even Before He Hit Puberty

Young Masterchief

Alright maybe just after puberty. But you cannot ignore the fact regardless. He was only 14 at the time when he fought off and humiliated 5 top class UNSC special forces operators. These guys are like SEAL Team 6 on steroids. Then he fought a man in a 10 foot mech suit and with his bare hands, ripped an arm off the suit, kicking it away like it was a paper doll. Even guns were ineffective against a young Masterchief because his reflexes were near Godlike. He would dodge them at point blank range. This Video Game Badass looked down upon his combat trainers even before he knew the art of combat.

Kratos: It’s Not How Hard You Hit But How Hard You Get Hit But Still Keep Standing

main qimg 63f9ae2c3c24f47106a0db5f4bb511f9
Norse Giant

Whether you are team Kratos or Team Masterchief, one thing we would all agree upon is that Kratos is a dude who can take a hit. From Gods to monsters and Titans, Kratos has fought so many otherworldly entities. Those fights do not always comprise of him giving out punishment. Sometimes, he gets the other end of the stick too. Kronus, a Titan who was more than 1600 feet tall, could strike with a force that equals 1.6 Trillion Newtons. 1 Ton of TNT has about 9000 Newtons of force when exploded. Kratos has also survived direct lightning attacks from Zeus and brushed it off like his knee was chaffed. Kratos survives the greatest of ordeals without breaking a sweat.


Masterchief: He’s Mortal But Makes Up For It With Sheer Badassery


Unlike Kratos, Masterchief has no link or connection to Godhood. He was just born different. Being trained since birth in the art of combat and given the best of equipment humanity has to offer only makes him the sharpest weapon. but he is still mortal. He has no powers unlike Kratos. And yet, in the face of the gravest of foes, Masterchief never backs down. He always charges head first into a fight, not because he is too thick headed to know the difference. He just knows he cannot lose. That’s how sure of himself he is. Masterchief may be human but he is one true video game badass.


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