Why 2000s Anime Will Always Be The Best (& Why We Miss Them)

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Anime has endeared itself into the hearts of fans because of its distinctive visual look and engaging plotlines. It could be that the early anime didn’t use digital editing and kept it more realistic and attractive. However in the early 2000s, it gained a lot of prominence


The Fansub Community

Today, Anime comes out faster than it used to. In the early 2000s, it could take years for an anime to release as they didn’t have streaming platforms before. Because of this, lot of fans used to eagerly wait for the anime to be aired. The Fansub Community were the best at it. The Fansub Community used to translate anime into a language other than the original language. Even today, many fans look back at Fansubs.

The Anime growth

Though it started back then in 1960, it gained immense popularity and growth in 2000s. With the combination of dynamic characters and bright graphics, it grew immensely. The Big Three (Naruto, Bleach and One Piece) were the anime that aired on the television constantly. They were the most popular ones in 2000s. Nowadays it is easy to watch as there are a lot of streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube etc , but at that time though it was difficult to watch, yet the people used to eagerly wait and watch.


No predetermined expectations

Today, we all watch anime based on the reviews on social media. We end up watching the one that has the best review or comments. But in early 2000s, it was quite opposite. The fans would watch whatever they could get in their hands. They wouldn’t rely on social media. This factor didn’t effect them at all as social media didn’t have to tell them how the anime was .What fun it would be to watch a anime with no expectations!.

The Anime Music Video (AMV)

The fans from the anime community started creating AMVs. They were created and edited by the fans by mixing the clips with popular music. Today it might look odd, but the people of 2000s are still fond of it even now. The fans were so creative and innovative and came up with new realistic ideas. Few of the AMVs are so good that they are remembered even today. The most popular AMV of the early 2000s was “Sail On”. This is also one of the things that the fans miss from the 2000s

Abridged Anime

These anime are made by fans using clips from the original series. It is called “Abridged” because each episode is not long as the original one. We can see that the fans of 2000s were indeed very innovative in their ideas and theories. Though they’re community was small, there was always a room for something new and innovative. They decided to put their ideas in reality and come up with some good abridged Anime. Fan dubbing was also included in this anime. Several series including Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball Z had Fan dubbing.


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