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“Why are they ignoring his texts?”: Paul Bettany Faces Backlash After ‘Vision Quest’ Series Announcement as Fans Dig Out Abusive Texts Exchanged With Johnny Depp About Amber Heard

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The world took a break in early 2020 and the pause was too unnerving for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Paul Bettany’s image, among numerous others, unraveled in the chaotic couple of years that followed. But blaming the pandemic for one’s outspoken and detrimental opinions seems like evading accountability.

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial was one of the most controversial and eventful dramas to unfold this year and exposed the friends and family of the two stars to the world. And the spotlight brought out the worst versions of the stars and their “friends” into the open and forced them to reassess how they hold themselves accountable, Paul Bettany included.

Marvel announces Vision Quest project starring Paul Bettany
Marvel announces Vision Quest project starring Paul Bettany

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Paul Bettany’s Involvement in the Depp-Heard Drama

One of the most surprising names dropped during the course of the defamation trial was Paul Bettany – the picture-perfect example of a soft-spoken and gentlemanly British actor. However, the string of exchanged texts between him and Johnny Depp back in 2013 was unsavory, to say the least. Violent and lewd, the messages quickly garnered a focal point in swaying the defamation trial and public opinion in favor of the defendant, Amber Heard.

Paul Bettany's support for Johnny Depp draws major public backlash
Paul Bettany’s support for Johnny Depp draws major public backlash

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Johnny Depp later claimed that the texts were an attempt at “irreverent and abstract humor” and were borrowed directly from a Monty Python sketch about burning and drowning witches. Paul Bettany mentioned in reference to the singled-out snippets from the thread of texts that “we live in a world without context.” Whether this was supposedly a justification for joking about drowning and burning Heard is then brought into question.

Paul Bettany Faces Backlash After News of Vision Quest

Vision Quest set to bring back Paul Bettany into the fold
Vision Quest set to bring back Paul Bettany into the fold

Paul Bettany’s presence in Marvel has been one of major importance, a journey that began with the origin of MCU with Iron Man in 2008, alongside Robert Downey Jr. himself. However, his physical presence on the screen is limited to a mere 3 movies in the entire slate of MCU’s 22 movies comprising the Infinity Saga and those three films charted his birth, his evolution, and his death, in that exact order.

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With WandaVision finally giving the actor a story beyond his tragic and short-lived existence, one would think it was high time Paul Bettany was recognized for his 11 years of contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the 2022 defamation trial pulls down the curtain on the Infinity War actor’s picture-perfect public image. With Marvel Studios greenlighting the Vision Quest series in the aftermath, fans are now taking the war online as Paul Bettany faces severe backlash for his involvement in the Depp-Heard drama.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is seemingly on a path toward building an expansive world with new and old stars that will have a major role to play in the outcome of the Multiverse Saga, especially Secret Wars. With storytelling as big as it gets, the studio will need to have all its superheroes lined up and their narratives fulfilled before setting them up for the multiversal war. Vision, with all his powers and resurrection in WandaVision, is an important aspect of the upcoming arc and Paul Bettany’s integral role as the character makes him indisposable to Marvel. It’s now up to the latter to strategize their next move when it comes to the actor and his controversial public reputation.

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+.

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