‘Why are they making it woke?’: GTA 6 Confirmed To Have a Latina Protagonist, Internet Gets Divided Over Perceived Forced ‘Wokeness’

Since its first release on PC, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has become one of the most popular games in the world. Its latest addition, Grand Theft Auto V released in 2013 has sold a total of 150 million copies by 2021, as reported by Take-Two.

Grand Theft Auto is known for developing overarching lore for its characters.

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The game is famous for its open-world mechanics, stylish cars, exciting action, cheat code, and so much more. Besides the common expectations from a game, this series is also appreciated for its interesting storyline and character, while enhanced by its beautiful scores.

Is Grand Theft Auto VI in production?

Fans have been waiting for almost a decade to hear a peep on the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. Unfortunately, they were regularly disappointed at game conventions where Rockstar Games would announce a big event and end up talking about ports, updates, and remasters.

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Despite the fame, Grand Theft Auto games are notorious for glitches and bugs.

But with mixed reception, Rockstar Games finally announced the production of the next game this year in a tweet. Despite all the hype and expectation from fans, looks like Rockstar Games has ended up losing a lot of goodwill with them due to the extended delay.

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GTA VI to get a female playable character

In a report by Bloomberg, the next installment will feature another playable character, a female. With the whole gaming industry being criticized for not representing females enough, this could be an interesting change in direction. The report by Bloomberg stated:

“Rockstar’s next game, Grand Theft Auto VI, will include a playable female protagonist for the first time, according to people familiar with the game. The woman, who is Latina, will be one of a pair of leading characters in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, the people said.”

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GTA games are known for having major stars voicing characters in the game including Samuel L. Jackson.

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After reports of overworking and treating the workplace as a boy’s club, Rockstars Games has tried reinventing the working atmosphere into something more progressive and compassionate. In furtherance of this message, the developers will not make jokes about marginalized groups.

Fans disappointed with Rockstar going ‘woke’

Since the last decade, many fans have been disappointed with the reboot of old movies with a female cast, such as Ghostbusters, Oceans11, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more. Grand Theft Auto has come under the crossfire for the same reason.

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GTA V map size is double the size of real-life Manhattan.

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But fans are not happy with the decision, claiming the developers are adding a female character only to appease the ‘woke’ audience. Many are trolling the game by calling it ‘Grand Theft Woke’, while others are defending the decision, commenting that the fans are overreacting.

Source: Bloomberg

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