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Why Bad Bunny Kissing Male Dancer at MTV VMA Awards is Being Labeled as ‘Queerbaiting’

bad bunny kissing queerbaiting

Bad Bunny has been making headlines for his recent appearance at the MTV VMAs. The rapper-singer gave an electric performance that was broadcasted at the Award Show from the Yankees Stadium. A large crowd gathered at the stadium where the artist also delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech for winning the most outstanding award of the night – Artist of the Year.

Bad Bunny wins Artist of the Year at VMA 2022
Bad Bunny wins Artist of the Year at VMA 2022

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But that isn’t all that social media is talking about. During his performance of the hit song, Tití Me Preguntó, Bad Bunny kissed one of the male back dancers, and while some of his fans were excited to see that, others called it queerbating.

Bad Bunny kissed a male dancer at MTV VMAs

The performance at the Yankees Stadium gathered a huge crowd, where the singer performed Tití Me Preguntó, with a number of back dancers, all dressed up in over-the-top wedding dresses with Puerto Rican and the Dominican Republic flags framing the stage. During his performance, the singer kissed one of the female dancers and a male dancer.

Bad Bunny kissed a male back dancer at VMAs
Bad Bunny kissed a male back dancer at VMAs

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Now the celebrity has often dissed homophobia through his songs and this is not the first time he was seen kissing a man. In his 2019 song, Caro‘s music video, he was seen kissing a man and many fans thought he might be coming out as gay or bisexual, but he later revealed in an interview with LA Times, “at the moment I am heterosexual and I like women.” 

Netizens think the artist is Queerbating

The artist dropped a music video of Yo Perreo Sola, on March 28, this year, in which he was dressed up as a drag artist and made it quite seductive. When asked if he was queerbating with the video, he answered that it was just done to make the world more accepting of queer people and is trying to pave the way for them.

Is Bad Bunny queerbating
Is Bad Bunny queerbating?

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Though the singer has been supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, but he isn’t really a part of it. So, kissing a man like that just for performance was not liked by some of the fans. They believe that the artist is now queerbating to attract more attention, especially if he isn’t really coming out as a part of the community, it is just an attempt to make it to the spotlight, yet again.

Looking at the fan reaction, it is quite obvious that they did not particularly appreciate him kissing a man. The queerbating technique really has become a recent trend among celebs. As the singer-rapper hasn’t really come out as queer, bisexual or gay, kissing men is just an attempt to sell himself, which, by the way, he did not need as the performance and winning the greatest award of the night could’ve done it all for him. If only he knew…

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