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“Why can’t both of them be Green Lanterns?”: After Top Gun 2 Star Glen Powell Becomes Top Contender for Hal Jordan, Euphoria Fame Sydney Sweeney Fancasted as Arisia Rrab

green lantern sydney sweeny

Green Lantern is one of the many superheroes that exist in the DC universe and is also one of the initial members of DC Comics. The Green Lantern movie that was released in 2011 was a complete flop at the box office. The story is about Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds who is a pilot who was selected by the ring to become one of the Green Lantern Corps. Recently there have been rumors going around that another Green Lantern movie is in production with most probably a new cast.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as and in Green Lantern

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Glen Powell Cast for Green Lantern Role

Glen Powell received his fair share of fame from his role as Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ in the movie Top Gun: Maverick released in 2022 as the movie stands as the second-best performing movie of the year with almost $1.5 billion collected at the box office worldwide. In 2022 he also starred in another movie Devotion alongside star actor Jonathan Majors. Recently, rumors have been circling around that Glen Powell will take upon the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming DCEU project, a true detective series named Lanterns. 

Green Lantern
Glen Powell rumored to play DCU’s Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern

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There is also a rumor going around that Ryan Reynolds is in negotiation with James Gunn and DCU and forming up a plan to return as Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the upcoming short film spearheaded by HBO. Though these are only rumors on multiple social media platforms, especially Twitter, there is nothing still which has been set in stone. Surprisingly Glen Powell has responded to the rumor of his being cast as Green Lantern and said that these things take time.

Sydney Sweeney Fancasted as Arisia Rrab

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney along with Glen Powell has an upcoming romantic comedy movie that fans are going on about because these two actors are the recent most sought-after actors after their performances in Euphoria(Sydney Sweeney) and Top Gun: Maverick(Glen Powell). But surprisingly there has been another rumor going around as they both have been fan-casted as Green Lantern actors for the upcoming series.

Sydney Sweeney at Euphoria red carpet event
Sydney Sweeney rumored to play Arisia Rrab

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While Glen Powell’s fan art of him being a Lantern was already spread throughout social media, some fans raised the thought that why can’t both of them be the Green Lantern? And thus the rumors of Glenn Powell as Hal Jordan and Sydney Sweeney as Arisia Rrab started to spread. Arisia Rrab is also one of the Green Lantern Corps which serves as an intergalactic police force.

The Green Lantern movie was a complete failure for DC as the movie received many negative critic ratings and the fans were also displeased with the storyline and the presentation of the movie. With a production cost of around $200 million, the movie could only gather a bit more than $219 million at the box office worldwide, forcing DC Studios to cancel the sequel plan they had for the character.

No release date has been confirmed.

Source: Netflix Junkie

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