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Why did Taylor Swift Break up With Harry Styles?

Why did Taylor Swift Break up With Harry Styles?

Although Taylor Swift prefers to keep her personal matters out of the public eye, the singer does reflect her relationships in her songs. Singing about falling in love and heartbreaks has made her the icon, she is today. While she supposedly seems to move on from her relationships, her fans and shippers cherish every single interaction their favorite couple had during their dating period and after their split.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The situation was the same with Haylor shippers, for every moment Swift and Harry Styles seemingly mentioned each other. As things do not seem too cold between the duo now, fans are still wondering what was the reason the two decided to go separate ways.

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ Brief Relationship

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles first sparked dating rumors during the fall of 2012. Considering both of them were at the heights of their career, they soon became the talk of the town due to their alleged relationship. Soon pictures of the couple strolling around in Central Park broke the internet.

The pictures, which were released in December 2012, seemingly confirmed their relationship at the time. However, their relationship did not last long, as the couple called it quits just a month later. Then came respective songs from both of them, whose lyrics were seen as a reference to each other.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles during 2012
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles during 2012

The Grammy-winning singer made several references to her ex in her 2014 album, 1989. One of the songs, titled “Style,” was highly speculated to be about the Don’t Worry Darling star due to its broad similarity with his name. Many also claimed that one of the songs from the 2015 One Direction album also refers to Styles’ relationship with Swift.

Fans also connected the lyrics of Harry Styles’ 2017 song Two Ghosts, to Swift’s 2015 song, Style. However, with time the duo seems to have grown out of their past relationship and have been spotted in what seems to be friendly conversations. But one of the things fans are still wondering about is the reason for their split.

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Why Did Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Split?

While Styles and Swift tried to avoid talking about their relationship, Taylor Swift’s friend revealed some exclusive information to Vanity Fair in 2013. According to the friend, Styles tried to please the singer for nearly a year before they finally got close during a weekend in the Spring of 2012.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

Problems continued to exist in their relationship. During One Direction’s Australia tour, Styles texted an image to the Red singer, saying, “Kissing a friend good-bye.”

However, the kiss seemed so much more than just a goodbye to Swift. According to her friend, the image showed them, “making out like with their hands all up in each other’s hair.” This led Swift to end things between them. But they got back together after the One Direction alum kept on pursuing her.

Taylor Swift stars in David O. Russell's failed period drama Amsterdam
Taylor Swift

They got together again, before finally going their separate ways months after. Reports claim that the My Policeman star and Taylor Swift wanted to spend the New Year together after they spent Christmas of 2012 apart. So the couple decided to travel to the British Virgin Islands for the New Year.

But they ended up having an “almighty row” during their holiday. The couple had a huge argument, after which the All Too Well singer flew back to the USA just days after the New Year. But Styles chose to stay and even traveled to the Virgin Group founder Richard Branson’s island.

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The Reunion Fans Have Been Waiting For

Although they went their separate ways in early 2013, working in the same industry led them to cross paths several times. And more than a decade after their split, the couple seemed to have grown out of their past relationships.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at the 2023 Grammy Awards
Harry Styles and Taylor Swift at the 2023 Grammy Awards

The duo has given some most awaited moments for their fans and shippers with their Grammy interactions. Harry Styles and Taylor Swift seemed to have a friendly catch-up during the 2021 Grammy Awards. And they once again made headlines after the two interacted at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift was seen grooving to Harry Styles’ performance at the 2023 Grammys. She also applauded her ex when he was awarded Best Pop Vocal Album for his 2022 album, Harry’s House.  

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