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“Why did you do that, what’s wrong with you?”: David Letterman Saved Drew Barrymore From Embarrassment After She Flashed Him on Live TV

"Why did you do that, what's wrong with you?": David Letterman Saved Drew Barrymore From Embarrassment After She Flashed Him on Live TV

Drew Barrymore has been recognized not only as an amazing actress but, also as an avid talk show host. The Drew Barrymore Show is at its peak and the actress is receiving a lot of love. She has come a long way from when her career was only starting. This included some impulsive decisions that made her the confident woman that she is now.

Drew Barrymore business empire
Drew Barrymore

A look back with David Letterman about her visiting his show two decades and a half ago made both his and Barrymore’d eyes sparkle with their journey. They both reminisced on how that interview could have easily sabotaged her career and yet Letterman handled the situation well enough to make her the enthusiastic and enigmatic woman that she now is.

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Drew Barrymore And David Letterman Look Back At Her Flashing Him

Twenty-five years ago Drew Barrymore visited David Letterman’s show and it had been on his birthday. The actress decided to dance for him and incidentally got on top of the table. In the flow of her swaying on top of the desk, she lifted her top for a fraction and immediately pushed it down, surprising both the host and the audience present.

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David Letterman

“You know, it’s funny… I’m so glad that I had an un-uptight, exhibitionist, hedonistic, free, hippie, wildflower-like era because I am a cloistered nun now.”

The incident had shocked him at that very moment but, he recovered almost instantly. The actress to date does not regret it. However, she did claim that she has changed since then and did not expect her to do that either. Letterman felt helpless the moment she got on the desk, expecting Barrymore to punch him because of all the movies he had watched with delinquent teenagers on a rampage to break the norms.

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Drew Barrymore And David Letterman Handled The Situation Very Well

Drew Barrymore had clarified when David Letterman was rewatching the clip that the entire thing, although had been a spur-of-the-moment decision, was never meant to harm and was all well intended. She had done it in a very playful manner and was only meant to play around a little.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

“Should I be embarrassed? Did I do something bad? Am I in trouble?”

Letterman too had taken it all in good faith and with no other intentions. She was surprised that he did not scold her or asked her what was wrong with her for doing something like that. The actress admires how he just smiled at her at that moment and clarified that it was okay. In some way, he saved her career by making it okay for her to be confident like that.

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Source: The Drew Barrymore Show

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